Lamontagne takes 78% of the Vote at NHYR Straw Poll

Completes a clean sweep of GOP pre-primary straw polls

On the heels of an endorsement from the Keene Sentinel, his third major newspaper endorsement, Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor, today won his fifth consecutive straw poll.

Lamontagne took 78% of the vote at the fourth annual New Hampshire Young Republican (NHYR) lobster bake and straw poll.

“I am grateful for the support of New Hampshire’s Young Republicans,” said Lamontagne.  “These are the future leaders of our party and our ambassadors to a generation of voters we must work harder at engaging in the electoral process.  Their support and activism over the next week will be critical in our get out the vote efforts.”

The NHYR Straw Poll was the last straw poll planned ahead of the September 11 gubernatorial primary.  Lamontagne won each of the previous contests held in Hillsborough, Hollis, Dover and Rochester.