New Hampshire Young Republicans Announce Results Of 2012 Straw Poll

Concord, NH – Today the New Hampshire Young Republicans held their Annual Lobster Bake and Straw Poll.  New Hampshire Young Republican Chairman David Hurst issued the following statement, "The New Hampshire Young Republican Straw Poll is quickly becoming part of the proud New Hamshire political tradition in which retail politics can often overcome the most well funded and advised political campaigns. With the straw poll we seek to give our grassroots activists an opportunity to share their insight and to tell us whom they would like to see represent the Republican Party in November.  Today's straw poll continues this proud tradition.  While these numbers are far from a scientific representation of the general primary voter, these results do reflect the acknowledgment that these candidates have won over the hearts and minds of some of New Hampshire's most dedicated conservative activists."  

Below are the official results of the straw poll.

Ovide Lamontagne 78%
Kevin Smith 22%

U.S. Representative - 1st CD
Frank Guinta 84%
Rick Parent 12%
Vern Clough 4%

U.S. Representative - 2nd CD
Charlie Bass 84%
Dennis Lamare 8%
Will Dean 4%
Miroslaw Dziedzic 4%

Executive Council - 1st District
Ray Burton 52%
Jerry Thibodeau 44%
Scatter 4%

Executive Council - 4th District
Robert Burns 83%
Tom DeBlois 10%
Chuck Rolececk 7%

State Senate - 1st District
Debi Warner 71%
Frank Dumaine 23%
Scatter 6%

State Senate - 5th District
Joe Osgood 72%
Cynthia Coolidge Howard 22%
Scatter 6%

State Senate - 6th District
Sam Cataldo 86%
Dick Green 10%
Scatter 4%

State Senate - 7th District
Josh Youssef 65%
Bill Grimm 30%
Scatter 5%

State Senate - 9th District
Andy Sanborn 69%
Ken Hawkins 23%
Micheal Kenney 4%
Scatter 4%

State Senate - 11th District
Daniel Dwyer 53%
Peter Bragdon 42% 
Scatter 5%

State Senate - 17th District
John Reagan 71%
Howard Pearl 25%
Scatter 4%

State Senate - 23 District
Dennis Acton 56%
Russel Prescott 40%
Scatter 4%

The New Hampshire Young Republicans are a proud coalition of men and women aimed at preserving Republican values in local, state and federal government. We are comprised of a broad network of students, young professionals, activists and elected officials from every corner of the Granite State. The mission of the New Hampshire Young Republican is to encourage young people, ages 18 to 40, to become more involved in Republican politics in the Granite State.