AUL - Celebrities Join Team Life

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In this Issue Washington Post takes note of “Team Life” and celebrity participants; Planned Bullyhood tells behind-the-scenes tales of the brutal tactics of the nation’s largest abortion provider; and AUL gets a win protecting women’s lives in Virginia.


Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
Join Team Life
Washington Post Commends “Team Life 2012”

As thousands join Americans United for Life Action’s “Team Life 2012,” the Washington Post took note.

Reporter Sarah Kliff observed: “Campaigns and outside groups have spent $16.7 million on abortion-related advertising during the 2012 cycle, two-thirds of that coming from abortion-rights supporters [but AULA is] launching a voter mobilization initiative meant to tip the scales in the other direction, and generate activism among anti-abortion voters … The effort – run by the country’s oldest antiabortion group – will ramp up over the coming weeks, with paid advertising, get-out-the vote drives and online networking tools.

“We did a virtual march for life a couple of years ago, where we signed up over 80,000 people in the space of 10 days,” AULA’s President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest told the reporter. “It gave people a sense of community and a place to stand up and be counted on to take action. As we get closer and closer to the election, this is our main focus.”

As before, celebrity avatars are making their mark.

This week, AULA announced that Missouri Senator Roy Blunt and Governor Mike Huckabee, television commentator and former presidential candidate, joined the ranks of “Team Life 2012”. Those visiting the Team Life site will rally with a growing list of luminaries.

The Life issue can change the course of this election,” said Dr. Yoest.

According to a Gallup poll, 1 in 5 voters are guided by a candidate's abortion stance. Through on-line mobilization, we will inform voters about a candidate’s stance on life and help them make a difference in that race.

Follow the efforts at #TeamLife, or click here to create your own avatar and join the team to make your vote count for a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.

Get your Copy of Planned Bullyhood, Karen Handel’s Exposé of the Abortion
Mega-Provider’s Ruthless Tactics

As a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Yoest was profoundly disappointed when the Susan G. Komen Foundation, after being pummeled by Planned Parenthood’s “take-no-prisoners” media campaign, caved quickly to the pressure to re-fund the discredited abortion mega-provider. At issue: the fact that while Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, it siphoned off precious resources to simply refer for the service.

To learn more of the inner workings of the media blitz that eventually contributed to the resignation of Karen Handel, former Senior Vice President of Komen, check out Handel’s new book, Planned Bullyhood.

“Karen has broken the silence on Planned Parenthood’s vicious practices and ruthless tactics,” noted Dr. Yoest. 

To order your copy of Handel's book, visit this link and receive a 15% discount for being an AUL supporter. As you are buying your copy of Handel's book, you have the option of purchasing an extra copy for one of our nation’s leaders.

An AUL Victory for Women’s Health and Safety
in Virginia

In a decisive victory for women’s health and safety, on September 14 the Virginia Board of Health voted overwhelmingly to approve meaningful and medically appropriate abortion clinic regulations. By a vote of 13-2, the Board voted in favor of permanent regulations that, among other things, apply medical building code standards to all abortion facilities. This vote reversed an earlier action by the Board which had exempted existing abortion clinics from these physical plant standards.

Americans United for Life has led a nationwide effort advocating for meaningful and comprehensive regulations and oversight of abortion clinics, and provided testimony before the Virginia State Board of Health in support of regulations that protect the health and safety of women undergoing first trimester (and later-term) abortions in clinics across the state. Prior Virginia law only regulated facilities performing abortions after the first trimester, leaving the majority of women undergoing abortions unprotected.

Notably, over the last two years, at least 15 states have initiated investigations into and even criminal prosecutions against individual abortion providers and abortion clinics for substandard medical care and practices.  In some cases, these investigations followed women’s tragic and preventable deaths. To read more about these exciting developments from AUL’s Evangeline Jones, click here.

In the Daily Caller, AUL’s Dan McConchie
considers signs of:
“The death knell for anti-abortion Democrats?”

In the Daily Caller this week, AUL’s Vice President of Government Affairs Dan McConchie wrote: “If you tuned into the Democratic National Convention earlier this month and were momentarily confused as to whether C-SPAN was actually covering a huge abortion rally, you are not alone. The high-profile roles given to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan, Sandra Fluke, and Caroline Kennedy are the capstone of a two-decade-long effort to eradicate anti-abortion Democrats from the party. It is an effort that is nearly complete.” To read the entire op-ed, click here.