NHDP - When Is A Pledge Not a Pledge?

When Ovide is Trying to Hide from

His Extreme Agenda Against Middle-Class Families


Lamontagne Tries to Walk Away from Cornerstone's Agenda; What Would He Veto


CONCORD - Ovide Lamontagne is trying to walk away from his promise to support Cornerstone Research's alleged "Families First" agenda.


In a radio interview after today's debate, Lamontagne tried to say that he had not signed on to Cornerstone's Agenda, which includes a dozen proposals to limit abortion rights; repeal marriage equality; and to allow businesses to discriminate against certain customers.


That will be news to Cornerstone, which said in a press release announcing its agenda, Monday:


"We fully expect our pledge signers to introduce the bills identified in our agenda, and we intend to help those legislators advance these bills through the N.H. House and Senate and beyond the governor's desk into the state's law books."


In addition Cornerstone said in its release: "Cornerstone's Families First Pledge secured the promise of more than 85 candidates for state offices to advance citizens' rights of conscience and religion, protect innocent human life, defend the natural family and traditional marriage, restore the natural rights of parents to raise, educate and care for their own children, and enact free market economic policies to ensure prosperity in New Hampshire. Cornerstone's Families First Legislative Agenda uses each pledge goal as the basis for a list of bill ideas that conceptually align with each theme."


Ovide Lamontagne is the first person in Cornerstone's list of pledge signers.


"Time and time again, Ovide Lamontagne has made clear that he supports an extreme, out-of-touch agenda that will hurt New Hampshire's middle class families," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "In today's debate, he tried to wiggle away from his pledge to support the agenda of the radical Cornerstone Research Group. If Ovide is going to try to claim he didn't agree to their priorities, then Ovide Lamontagne should tell us specifically which of their bills he would veto.


"Will he veto any of the bills limiting abortion rights? Not likely, given that Ovide Lamontagne has supported an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning all abortions, even for the victims of rape and incest," Buckley said.