Concord, NH- While Governor Mitt Romney is talking about how to make a strong economic recovery, we find out that President Obama would advocate for redistribution and government dependency. No wonder why unemployment in the US is so high. The President's "You didn't build that" attitude continues to show his lack of understanding for the American entrepreneur and the personal sacrifice that goes into building a business. 

"Even though our state's economy continues to outperform the national average, the hardships on small business owners are just as prevalent in New Hampshire," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald.  "President Obama does not understand the fundamentals of our nation's economy. This is a man who believes that the redistribution of wealth will magically fix the economy and that business owners didn't build their businesses. 

"The success of this country, and the great state of New Hampshire, was built upon small businesses. The increasing regulations and tax hikes on these businesses only makes the foundation crumble. We need a president who will strengthen this foundation. Governor Mitt Romney talks about promoting personal responsibility and hard work, which will lead to an economic recovery, not redistribution and dependency."