RGA - Maggie Hassan Already Eyeing Tax Hikes

Foreshadows Most Expensive ‘Discussion’ in State History

Democratic candidate for governor Maggie Hassan confirmed today that she would like to raise taxes and fees if elected governor. Speaking at a gubernatorial forum Hassan said she would increase taxes on cigarettes and welcome a discussion on tolling New Hampshire’s roads and increasing the gas tax.

Hassan’s remarks can be heard at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxHHNexFal0&feature=youtu.be

“Today Maggie Hassan admitted that the 33 tax and fee hikes she imposed as Majority Leader in the state Senate were just a starting point,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf.  “Beginning with her support in 2002 of an income tax, continuing with her vote as a state senator to increase taxes and fees by $300 million, and now on to her campaign for governor, it’s clear that Maggie Hassan thinks New Hampshire residents should be paying more taxes.

“Here’s a tip for all New Hampshire residents: When Maggie Hassan says ‘we should have a discussion,’ she means ‘you should pay more in taxes,’” Schrimpf continued. “If you see her on the campaign trail, just wave, but don’t stop and talk – you can’t afford it.”

“The fact is, Maggie Hassan is a skilled politician, but even she can’t hide the fact that she really wants New Hampshire residents to pay higher taxes across the board,” Schrimpf concluded.


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