Gubernatorial Candidate Reluctantly Admits She’d Raise Some Taxes and Fees, But How Many More Is She Hiding?


CONCORD, N.H.—Some pundits are saying that Democrat Maggie Hassan is finally being honest about her plan to raise taxes and fees if she’s elected governor, but her reluctant admission yesterday that she would entertain a discussion about gas tax hikes and more tolling heralds her deeper plan for tax and fee hikes that will devastate New Hampshire’s economy and reverse the positive trends of the past two years, said 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway.

When asked by reporters at a gubernatorial forum, the Democratic candidate for governor said she’d “welcome a discussion” about raising the gas tax and creating new highway tolling or raising the cost of existing tolls, or both, which would cripple the struggling economy. Almost every part of the state economy operates on roads, so Maggie’s discussion will almost certainly lead to higher costs of doing business in New Hampshire. 

“At long last, Democrat Maggie Hassan has slipped up and exposed the surface of her plan to raise taxes and fees on working families, which will strip households and small-business budgets to the bone and expose more people to government dependency,” Hemingway said. “The gas tax or toll increase alone would severely damage the engine of the state’s economy just as it’s starting to warm up. Unfortunately, Maggie Hassan’s reluctance to admit her plan to raise even these taxes suggests that she’s hiding a whole litany of tax and fee increases beneath the surface. 

“Maggie Hassan and everyone else who’s watching this gubernatorial race knows that the Democratic spending agenda requires higher taxes and fees—and lots of them,” Hemingway added. “At the same time, it seems that Maggie Hassan is too worried about what voters will think of her if she tells them exactly how many taxes and fees she plans to raise. She needs to be honest with people so voters can make an informed choice when they vote for governor. Her reluctance to talk about these tax hikes is certainly foreboding; not only for working families but for the entire state economy, and it also shows a complete failure of leadership.”

As the majority leader of the N.H. Senate, Maggie Hassan was responsible for more than 100 tax and fee increases that cost New Hampshire citizens and businesses millions of dollars, and yet the state still faced close to a $1 billion budget deficit. Thankfully, House Speaker Bill O’Brien was able to lead a responsible Legislature in an effort to close that $1 billion gap, Hemingway said.

“Now that the state’s fiscal house is finally in order and the four years of fiscal mismanagement under Maggie Hassan and Terri Norelli have finally been cleaned up, is Maggie really asking for voters’ credit card again, or is she going for our wallets this time, or both?,” Hemingway said. “I have to think that after voters so soundly rejected Hassan’s spending, borrowing and taxing plan, that she’d want to be honest about her plans for new taxes and fees. It’s time for Maggie Hassan to be up front with voters and release her full spending and taxing plan.

“New Hampshire doesn’t need more taxes and fees spurred by government spending,” Hemingway added. “We need a responsible government led by a responsible governor like Ovide Lamontagne, who has a plan to keep New Hampshire’s economy moving in the right direction so that private industry can put people back to work.”


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