AFP - September 2012 Obama's Failing Agenda Tour

During his administration, President Obama has not been listening to the overwhelming majority of Americans who object to his big-government agenda. This is changing as Americans for Prosperity has three buses crisscrossing the nation educating citizens on Obama's failing agenda and putting grassroots pressure on him.

East Coast Bus - Red
red bus

Middle America Bus - Green
green bus

West Coast Bus - Black
bus tour

This tour will host over 400 stops in 25 states and will educate Americans on the most harmful aspects of President Obama's big-government agenda, and help put grassroots pressure on politicians to turn away from these destructive policies. Now is the time to put America back on the right track.

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The tour kicked-off with AFP-Florida braving Hurricane Isaac in Tampa and then made its way to Sarasota and Naples.

Slade O'Brien - AFP Florida State Director talks to a crowd in Sarasota, FL

AFP President Tim Phillips addressing citizens in Naples, FL

A large focus of the bus tour is our Freedom Phone Banks. To sign up as a volunteer, click here.

AFP-North Carolina kicked off their 15-city leg of the bus tour with a fun-filled family evening in Charlotte. Throughout the week, radio talk show host Tony Katz joined the Failing Agenda Tour. Michelle Malkin joined the tour in Charlotte for the kick-off and Raleigh for the closing event.

The crowd finishes up their BBQ

Over 500 activists came out for the Townhall event in Raleigh

AFP-NC State Director, Dallas Woodhouse closes out the NC tour with a speech in Raleigh

The tour then made its way to AFP-Pennsylvania where it made stops in Uniontown, Levittown and Reading.

AFP-PA State Director - Jennifer Stefano addresses a crowd in Reading, PA

Activists sign our Failing Agenda Petition - to sign our petition, click here.


The red bus made the trek all the way up to Maine to join AFP-Maine and activists for a Rally in Freedom, Augusta and Portland.


Quarterly Book Review
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Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy By: Rev. Robert Sirico

Rev. Robert Sirico's book does a great job of outlining and explaining the basic economic principles. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about embracing economic freedom. To read the full book review written by Chris Myers, Senior Manager of Training and Education at AFP, click here!

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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!
Atlas Shrugged: Part II

atlasWith the global economy on the brink of collapse, Dagny Taggart discovers what might be the answer to a mounting energy crisis to prevent the motor of the World from being stopped for good.

Based on the novel written by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged II takes you through a dystopian United States where many of society's most productive citizens refuse to be exploited by increasing taxation and government regulations and go on strike.

View the Trailer

Atlas Shrugged: Part II hits theaters October 12, 2012.
Click here to see if it is playing in a theater near you!


It has been my pleasure to join activists around this great nation on the Obama's Failing Agenda Tour. It has been an eye opening experience listening to activists tell me their stories of how Obama's agenda has failed them, and how they are not better off than they were four years ago. They are ready to stand up and educate other Americans on the poor policies of the current Administration and advocate for policies that will work! Thank you to all who have joined us on this tour. If you are interested about joining AFP on other Obama's Failing Agenda Tour stops, click here. 


In Freedom,


Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity, President