ALG's Daily Grind - Behind John Boehner's Boo Birds

Sept. 20, 2012

Behind John Boehner's Boo Birds

And what the Speaker can do to turn them into cheers.

Video: ALG reacts to Romney's controversial '47 Percent' video clip

ALG President Bill Wilson says Mitt Romney shouldn't be ashamed of his 47 percent comment. In fact, he was talking about a big problem out there that is hurting America.

The EPA's Latest Victims: 8 Coal Mines

The EPA added eight new victims to its death toll today when Alpha Natural Resources announced that it would be closing three Virginia coal mines and five other mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania resulting in the destruction of 1,200 more coal mining jobs.

The Daily Caller: Lead NLRB attorney charged with ethics breach in Wal-Mart stock case

The following featured op-ed from The Daily Caller explains why National Labor Relations Board acting general counsel Lafe Solomon faces ethics charges.