Political Headlines - September 21, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Brown, Warren hit hard on taxes and allegiances: In their first debate, Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren tangled over her heritage, his tax record, and which candidate would help the struggling middle class. State House bureau chief Frank Phillips and political reporter Noah Bierman cover.


  • Obama, Romney leave much unsaid on tax plans: For all of the focus in the presidential campaign about tax cuts, the more important issue may be whether either candidate has a realistic plan to pay for them. Deputy chief of the Washington bureau Michael Kranish reports.


  • Patrick picks investigator in drug-evidence scandal: Governor Patrick named former prosecutor David Meier to lead the investigation into fears of widespread tampering at a state drug laboratory. Globe Metro reporter John R. Ellement and politics reporter Michael Levenson detail.



  • A night of smirks and verbal jabs: The woman who made Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner squirm made Senator Scott Brown sweat. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi explains.



  • Drama precedes Senate face-off: Would Senator Scott Brown make it from Washington to Boston in time for his showdown with Elizabeth ­Warren? For a time, it was not clear. Globe political reporters Bobby Caina Calvan and Michael Levenson cover.    


  • Menino reportedly to endorse Warren for Senate: Mayor Thomas M. Menino is expected to endorse Elizabeth Warren Friday, throwing his support and army of political operatives behind her. Globe city politics reporter Andrew Ryan writes.