Concord, NH- Maggie Hassan finally is beginning to come clean about her intention to raise taxes on the citizens of New Hampshire. Besides her admission the other day about "having a discussion" on raising the gas tax and toll increases, and her quote in the Portsmouth Herald that there were "tax cuts in the last two years... that we could restore," what other tax increases is she hiding from taxpayers? To answer that question, all you have to do is take a look at Maggie's record. During her time in the Senate, she is responsible for strapping over 100 tax and fee increases on to the backs of New Hampshire taxpayers.

"Maggie, now is not the time to raise taxes and it's time to come clean with the voters about your record," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "Maggie is continuing to veil her agenda from the voters of this state by ducking the hard questions and reverting back to social issues. She gave the voters a glimpse of a Maggie Hassan administration when she offered 'having a discussion' on raising the gas tax and toll increases. 

"The voters are now remembering why they voted her out of the Senate in 2010, she and the Democrats remain out of touch. The voters want to hear about jobs and the economy, not tax increases and social issues. They won't fall for her lies and deceit in November. We need a responsible leader in the corner office who will stand up against new taxes and will keep moving our economy in the right direction. We need Ovide Lamontagne."


In the Portsmouth Herald, Maggie Hassan stated, "When you look at some of the back-of-the-budget tax cuts and other tax cuts the Republicans made the last two years, I think there are some things that most taxpayers of New Hampshire agree that we could restore."

When asked at a recent gubernatorial candidates forum, Maggie Hassan said she would welcome "a discussion" on raising the gas tax and toll increases. See here.