Ovide For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #5 & 6


Makes it more expensive to hunt and fish in New Hampshire

Manchester, NH - As a State Senator, Maggie Hassan's tax hikes made it more expensive for New Hampshire residents to hunt and fish.  Two of those tax increases are "Maggie's Taxes of the Day" for Friday, September 21, 2012.

Tomorrow is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  To mark the occasion, the Ovide for Governor campaign is highlighting just a couple of Sen. Hassan's tax increases aimed at the hunters and fishermen of New Hampshire and the region.

In 2007, Sen. Hassan supported a 200% increase in the turkey hunting application fee for residents, from $5 to $15.  For those visiting the state to hunt turkey, she voted to increase the fee by 500% to $30.

Looking to take a boat out to fish from somewhere along New Hampshire's 18 miles of Atlantic Coastline?  Thanks to Sen. Hassan that became a bit more expensive in 2009 when she voted to create a new saltwater fishing license.  Not only did this cost individuals, to the tune of $15 for a license, it was also a tax on small fishing businesses now required to pay a $75 or $150 fee depending on the size of their boat.

"Hunting and fishing are an important, time honored part of New Hampshire's outdoor heritage," said former state legislator and Fish and Game Commissioner Hannah Clements of Croydon.  "Sen. Hassan's continued willingness to grow government through new taxes and fees on our sportsmen and women shows she is out of touch with the values of New Hampshire."

Background: As a State Senator:

1.  Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED increasing the wild turkey hunting application fee from $5 to $15 for residents and to $30 for non-residents.  Hassan voted YEA on adopting the Committee of Conference Report (2348CofC) for the bill.  6/27/2007, Vote #172, HB2. 

2.  Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED the creation of a saltwater fishing license fee of $15 for individuals, $75 for charter boats, and $150 for party boats.  Hassan voted YEA on adopting the Committee of Conference Report (2333CofC) for the bill.  6/24/2009. Vote #104, HB2.