RNC - Statement from Romney Campaign on NH Rise in Unemployment and Biden Visit

For those covering Vice President Biden’s visit to New Hampshire today, or saw today’s report on the rise of unemployment  in New Hampshire, please consider the following response in your stories:

Today, we received more bad news from the Obama economy – more and more Granite Staters are finding themselves unemployed. Vice President Biden is in New Hampshire today and Granite Staters should receive an answer for why the state has continued to bleed hundreds of jobs despite the promise of a recovery. President Obama has changed his tune from ‘yes we can’ to ‘no we can’t,’ claiming it’s impossible for him to change Washington from the inside. His failure is clearly on display with today’s disappointing job numbers. Mitt Romney will succeed where President Obama has failed by creating 12 million jobs across our country in his first term alone, strengthening our middle class.”   – Michael Levoff, Romney Spokesperson