Bass For Congress - Congressman Charlie Bass Releases Seniors Steering Committee

Concord, NH – Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) announced today his campaign’s “Seniors Steering Committee,” a group of more than 50 senior citizens from all counties across New Hampshire’s 2nd District.  Bass has always placed a high priority on meeting directly with New Hampshire seniors and responding to their concerns.   He has hosted numerous health care fairs for seniors and has established office hours inside senior centers to make it more convenient for seniors to speak with him.   In Congress, Bass continues to fight for seniors by making sure they have increased access and lower costs for health insurance, and that Social Security is put back on a road to solvency.

Former State Representative, Terri Dudley, a senior from Lebanon stated, "New Hampshire seniors know that Charlie Bass has never and will never vote to end Medicare, and will always protect the benefits today's seniors are currently receiving.  He understands that it will take leadership and bipartisan solutions to protect Medicare from going bankrupt in 2024 and that it was wrong to take money from the Medicare program to pay for other parts of the President's health care law. I support and encourage all seniors to vote for Charlie because he will continue to help them get the benefits they have earned and expect while preserving and protecting Medicare for our children and grandchildren.”  

Discussing his reasons for supporting Congressman Bass, Wally Stickney, a Salem senior said, "Charlie Bass has earned the support of seniors through his work and outreach to the senior community. Charlie has hosted senior focused health care events, is constantly meeting with seniors directly by visiting senior centers throughout the state and is always available to help find solutions to problems that seniors may face trying to get answers to questions about their Medicare and Social Security benefits that they have earned.  Charlie Bass has always been there to help."

Marilyn Huston, a senior from Keene said, “We need a common-sense, bipartisan approach to protect programs like Social Security. I know Charlie Bass will work in that manner to ensure that Congress delivers on its promise to seniors as well as strengthen the long-term viability of the program for future generations. New Hampshire seniors deserve someone who will never support a plan that compromises the benefits that they have earned and depend on. That person is Charlie Bass.”   

Bass added, “I am honored to earn the support of seniors across the Second District of New Hampshire. I understand the difficult decisions facing our nation and that we need to protect Medicare from going bankrupt in 2024. I have supported a bipartisan effort to strengthen and save Medicare from bankruptcy and provide future seniors more guaranteed options and choices to meet their medical needs. Regardless of what option a senior chooses, they should always receive the coverage they expect and never be discriminated against. I am willing to work across party lines to fix the challenges facing Medicare and protect seniors’ earned benefits. As a Congressman, I will continue to meet with seniors and fight for them in Washington.”

Bass supported legislation to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a board of unelected bureaucrats that would be between seniors and their doctor to limit health care access for Medicare beneficiaries as a means of saving money. Bass also supported legislation that would bring down health care costs for seniors by reforming frivolous medical liability claims that drive up the cost of care. Charlie’s hard work and commitment to seniors was recognized by RetireSafe, a nonpartisan organization that represents more than 400,000 seniors nationwide, who awarded Bass with the 2012 “Standing Up for America's Seniors” award.

The Bass Senior Steering committee includes:

Brownwyn Asplund-Walsh, Franklin

Frank Baggett, Windham

Alberta Baggett, Windham

Bill Balam, Milford

Vivian Balam, Milford

Arthur Barnes, Salem

Leigh Bosse, Hillsborough

Joyce Bosse, Hillsborough

Paul Chevalier, Hudson

Muffy Copenhaver, Littleton

Gibb Cornwell, Lyme

Mary Cornwell, Lyme

Luc Cote, Errol

David Currier, Henniker

Barbara Downie, Bow

Frmr. Rep Terri Dudley, Lebanon

Carol Elliot, Plymouth

Mike Flathes, Salem

John Harrison, Concord

Ann Harrison, Concord

Don Holder, Amherst

Bob Hopenhaver, Littleton

David Hurst, Franklin

Marilyn Huston, Keene

Bing Judd, Pittsburg

David Kidder, New London

Natalie Lagasse, Bow

Rep. Priscilla Lockwood, Canterbury

Frederick Loizer, Amherst

Everrett McBride, Salem

Walt Morse, Hillsborough

Bonnie Morse, Hillsborough

Carol Mosman, Plymouth

Donald Mosman, Plymouth

JoAnn Munro, Peterborough

Walter Nice, Nashua

Dorothy Nice, Nashua

Rep. Skip Reilly, Hill

Rep. William Remick, Lancaster

Helen Rowe, Amherst

Janet Schaw, Bow

Mary Lee Siel, Bow

David L. Simpson, Jr., Peterborough

Wally Stickney, Salem

Nancy Stickney, Salem

Fred Ward, Stoddard

Ruth Ward, Stoddard

Earl Strout, Lyme

Beverly Strout, Lyme

Elmer Tasker, Northwood

Linda Twombly, Nashua

Rep. Tim Twombly, Nashua

Tony Urban, Berlin

Marge Welch, Bow