CEI Weekly: The Case Against the Economic Development Administration

Friday, September 21, 2012



Feature: CEI releases a new study on the EDA.

FEATURE: The Case Against the Economic Development Administration


This week, CEI released a new study by Policy Analyst David Bier: The Case for Abolishing the Economic Development Administration. Bier explains that the agency--who doles out grants to communities--causes more harm than good by incentivizing economic waste and overtaxation. Read Bier's study here.




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September 20, 2012: The Economic Development Administration


CEI Policy Analyst David Bier is author of the new study “The Case for Abolishing the Economic Development Administration.” The agency’s impact goes well beyond its modest $286 million budget. On average, the EDA only pays for about one seventh of its projects. The rest of the burden falls on state and local governments and the private sector. Those projects include $2 million for a wine-tasting room, $35 million for a convention center that is projected to lose money, and other boondoggles.