JOINT RELEASE Former Colleagues Say Hassan Continues War on Facts

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CONCORD – House Division III Finance Chairman Neal Kurk and Senate Majority Leader and Senate HHS Committee Chair Jeb Bradley today released the following statement regarding former Senate Majority Leader and gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan’s suggestion that state budget reductions to HHS affected the response time to the hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital this year.

House Division III Finance Chair Neal Kurk

“Commissioner Toumpas was unable to confirm Hassan’s connect the dots argument about reductions in the budget and public health response. Clearly if the Commissioner has the opportunity to explain that public health had suffered as a cause of policy changes, he would do so. However, House Finance worked with the Department in identifying the areas within the Department of Health and Human Services where we could find savings. While the Department did not advocate for or against certain reductions, the Legislature did make its choices based upon a list we requested and received from the Department. None of these were in areas that adversely affected public health.”

Senate Majority Leader and Senate HHS Committee Chair Jeb Bradley

“Commissioner Toumpas has handled the unprecedented Hep-C outbreak very effectively, insuring patients got the testing they needed despite the $800 million budget deficit Maggie engineered and the difficult decisions Republicans had to make to cure her overspending.  Maggie’s unfortunate politicization of this human tragedy for political profit has backfired just like her LLC income tax backfired.”