Tierney For Excutive Council - Tierney Challenges Van Ostern's Jobs Plan

Van Ostern's Plan

Van Ostern’s Jobs Plan is Wrong for New Hampshire

Colin Van Ostern claims he is running for Executive Council to make sure that Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer subsidies, regardless of the fact that other entities can provide better service at less cost.

1 He also claims that he wants to create jobs.

2 You would not think that you could create jobs by redistributing wealth from the tax payers to billion-dollar corporations but Mr. Van Ostern has found a way to link these two seemingly contradictory goals. Planned Parenthood is hiring “grassroots” campaign operatives at a rate of $100 per hour in Manchester, Concord and Dover to lobby for the election of pro-abortion candidates like Mr. Van Ostern.

3 Mr. Van Ostern is not concerned with the cost of subsidizing Planned Parenthood given his history of support for imposing a sales and income tax on New Hampshire’s citizens.

4 Mr. Van Ostern’s plan, creating jobs by funding organizations who then hire operatives to lobby for increased taxpayer funding, is not the New Hampshire way.

Michael Tierney understands that jobs are created when spending is kept in check and the New Hampshire advantage of low taxes and low regulation are maintained. The people of New Hampshire need an Executive Councilor like Michael Tierney who will act as a check on excessive and wasteful government spending and approve appointees who believe in a small and limited government. This is the way jobs are created.

Visit votetierney.com to learn more about the campaign and vote Michael Tierney for Executive Council on November 6, 2012.

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