Andy Martin asks Dover judge to block "drive-by voting" suit

Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin accuses Governor John Lynch and Attorney General Michael Delaney of “knuckling under to a liberal lawsuit seeking to flood New Hampshire with drive-by voters”


Andy says only the New Hampshire Supreme Court should change the current interpretation of state law; a superior court justice should not do so


Andy asks the Superior Court for leave to intervene in the Strafford County lawsuit to defend the legislative enactment


(MANCHESTER, NH) (September 23, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a telephone news conference today, Sunday September 23rd, to announce he is asking Superior Court Justice John Lynch to reject a lawsuit seeking to “open the floodgates to New Hampshire voting by out-of-state students.” Andy says Governor Lynch is not vigorously defending a collusive lawsuit which challenges a law Lynch vetoed and which was overridden by the New Hampshire legislature. “I have asked the court for permission to intervene as a defender of the law,” Andy says.

“If this lawsuit is allowed to succeed, Democrats could flood the state with out-of-state voters and reelect President Barack Obama and elect Maggie Hassan as governor, with New Yorkers voting for New Hampshire public officials,” Andy charges. [New Yorkers already have a notorious history of voting simultaneously in New York and Florida.]

September 23rd New Hampshire [telephone] news conference details:


New Hampshire corruption fighter and environmental activist Andy Martin


Andy Martin will announce he is fighting “liberal ballot box stuffing” by Governor John Lynch and Attorney General Michael Delaney


Telephone news conference:

Dial-in Number: 1-800-466-8543

Conference Code: 510518          


Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 - 5:00 P.M.