RNC - Jennifer Horns' Response to Biden's visit

Wanted to make sure you had this response to Vice President Biden’s visit to Merrimack from Jennifer Horn, who was on site for his speech today:

“No matter what the Vice President says, he cannot distract the American people from the president’s record of failure. With 23 million people still unemployed and underemployed, with more people falling into poverty under this president than at any point in my lifetime, it is clear that Barack Obama really cannot change Washington. He has gone from being the “Yes we can!” president to the “No I can’t.” Governor Romney can and will make Washington work for the people. With a record of balancing budgets and growing jobs, he offers an optimistic future of empowerment and growth rather than four more years of dependence, falling incomes, and mounting debt.” Jennifer Horn, Co-Chair of Mitt Romney’s National Grassroots Leadership Team.