ALG's Daily Grind - Will there be an October surprise?

Sept. 24, 2012

Will there be an October surprise?

October will become a deluge of negative ads from a president who doesn't have a positive message of hope to share.  He dare not mention the word change, and hope went out the window with 23 million people who are either unemployed, underemployed or have just flat out given up on getting a job.

Video: Obama has fun with Letterman talking about the fiscal crisis

The president seems to know little about the national debt, at least he claims. He took time to discuss fiscal issues with late night host David Letterman.

Anti-Energy Activists Form Human Chain to Block Keystone Pipeline Construction in Texas

An organization called Tar Sands Blockade is working tenaciously to block construction of the Keystone Pipeline that could ultimately connect Americans with access to cheap, affordable energy in a stable, friendly region of the world.

National Review: What John McLaughlin Sees in the Polls Right Now

The following featured article from National Review exposes the polling fraud being conducted by the Left.