CEI Today: Unions corrupt teachers, Paul Krugman's Obsolescence, and the Founding Fathers on immigration


Washington Examiner: Chicago strike shows unions corrupt teachers, harm students


On Sept. 10, the 25,000-plus members of the powerful Chicago Teachers Union walked off their jobs, abandoning their 350,000 students in the process. Instead of teaching, they took to the streets to try to wring more money from the city, among other sundry demands. The union originally asked for a 30 percent salary increase for teachers who already make an average of more than $70,000 per year.

In the end, the union won a still-generous 16 percent increase over four years from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, among other concessions, bringing the teachers back to the classroom on Sept. 19.

What to make of the union's demands, now that the strike is (seemingly) over?  > Read the full commentary at Washingtonexaminer.com

> Interview Matt Patterson

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Globalwarming.org: Paul Krugman's Obsolescence

[Paul] Krugman's celebration of obsolescence does ring true in one way. It is innovation -- which sometimes, but not always, makes products obsolete as a consequence (it can also make existing products more efficient) -- that drives the end of recessions. Yet, the current bloated regulatory state that Krugman also celebrates is an enemy of innovation. Regulations make it difficult to start a business, difficult to find money to finance a business, and difficult to bring a product to market. > Read the full commentary on Spectator.org

> Interview Iain Murray


Huffington Post: America's Founders Supported Immigration

As Americans celebrated the 225th anniversary of the Constitution's signing this Monday, thousands of new citizens at naturalization ceremonies across the country celebrated being Americans for the first time.  Naturalization is among the Constitution's greatest contributions to the idea of "America." This simple clause upheld a radical new understanding of citizenship, one that was not to be based on race or birth-it was something you could become. > Read the full commentary on Huffingtonpost.com

> Interview David Bier



Cocktail Party for Authors Yaron Brook & Don Watkins

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Animal Biotechnology: From Frankenfish to Enviro-pig

Thursday, September 27, 2012
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Room 1300, Longworth House Office Building


Despite their potential environmental and consumer benefits, products that can be demonized as FrankenFish or EnviroPig are being delayed by regulatory intransigence, public confusion, and political indecision. With no clear path forward, many products are now being sent overseas to countries with more responsive regulatory climates.





Author: Journalists 'Cover Energy And Environment Subjects As Liberal Activists,' E-Mails Show

Liberals claim to support transparency in government - until conservatives start finding shady things through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

New York Times bestselling author, litigator, and Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Chris Horner has been filing such FOIAs for years and has turned up Obama's "true plan" for cap-and-trade, a close relationship between an energy official and a Solyndra director - and more. Horner's quest for public information, labeled as "criminal" by one Obama agency head, will be detailed in his upcoming book, "The Liberal War on Transparency." > Read the CNSNews.com article by Julia Seymore


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