Macia For Congress (NH CD-2) - Zombie Ad Released by Candidate for Second Congressional District

Canterbury, NH: Hardy Macia, Libertarian candidate for 2nd Congressional District, released his campaign's first ad entitled "Hardy Macia vs Zombies".

Macia’s ad was can be viewed on YouTube:

The ad will start running online at the end of this week.

When asked why zombies Macia answered, "I'm trying to reach the under 40 voters who voted overwhelming for Ron Paul in the primary and lean heavily libertarian. We wanted to have fun with the ad. The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. We have even started planning for a Zombie Presidential Inaugural Ball and Parade in Washington, DC in January."

Transcript of ad:
Narrator: In a time of great technological advances the world is suffering from a terrible malady. With access to vast amounts of information the masses have remained ignorant. Their movements slowed and their wits distilled into little more than mindless chants. Some bear the color blue and others the color red. These two fronts meet time and again with devastating results. Oh the humanity, wait, are they just bumping into each other? That's terrible.

Macia: In this zombie fight I'm not going to need these typical zombie killing tools anymore. To fight the zombies today all we are going to need is a pen and the ballot. Zombies stop it, free your minds, live free. We need to end the Patriot Act. We need to end the wars. We need to balance the budget. We can't keep continuing with the Democrats and Republicans time and time again.

Narrator: With time running out will you choose to pull yourself out of the zombie-mindset? This November don't throw your vote away supporting the status quo, vote Libertarian.

Macia: Get out to Vote November 6th. Vote Libertarian. Live Free.

Hardy Macia is the Libertarian candidate for 2nd Congressional District in New Hampshire. He is the owner of Catamount Software; a company focused on creating iPhone and Android apps. He resides in Canterbury, NH.