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HBC Member to File Legislation to Further Help Brewers Locate and Expand in New Hampshire

CONCORD — Rep. Adam Schroadter of Newmarket today announced his intentions to file legislation to further deregulate brewers in New Hampshire. Rep. Schroadter and others House Business Coalition Members were an integral part of passing a number of pro-business bills to help New Hampshire employers such as nano-brewers. Rep. Joanne Ward of Stratham had heard from Redhook Breweries that due to heavy regulations and stringent definition of specialty beers in New Hampshire, the brewery had to house its warehouse in Massachusetts. Legislators worked to pass House Bill 1241, which expanded the definition of specialty beers in New Hampshire to allow for ingredients such as, but not limited to, molasses, maple syrup, honey, spices, herbs, fruits, nuts, chocolate, vanilla, or other nonbeverage ingredients. Rep. Ward said the law allowed Redhook to move its warehouse to New Hampshire and add additional equipment and eight positions in Portsmouth.

Rep. Schroadter says he plans to address another issue affecting brewers and business in New Hampshire with new legislation.

Rep. Adam Schroadter

“Currently New Hampshire has some of the most onerous brewing regulations. Instead of being required to register one label per brewery, as most states do, New Hampshire requires that brewers here register each individual beer flavor. We’ve heard this has adverse effects on cost, time and resources and that some larger, popular brewers have passed on locating to or expanding in New Hampshire because of this. The brewing market has grown quite a lot here and has been a boon to tourism and development with trail tours and other attractions and we’re missing out on further economic expansion. We also are turning away the many jobs that could come to New Hampshire by way of new plants and manufacturers here. We need to work with our employers, not against them. We hope New Hampshire employers know we are listening and doing all we can to help them prosper and expand.”

Rep. Joanne Ward

“In addition to job creation and increased revenues for Redhook and the state, the passage of this bill helps other breweries in the state to become more creative with their products in the ever growing segment of microbreweries.”


Attachment (1): Photo from bill signing ceremony Thursday, September 20, 2012

The NH House Business Coalition is chaired by Laurie Sanborn of Bedford and is a non-partisan group of New Hampshire House members, focused on evaluating and supporting legislation to promote job creation through strong, responsible business growth and success.  Since their inception in January, the group has grown to over 100 members and has successfully helped pass over 50 pro-business bills in the NH House.  The Coalition does not endorse specific candidates for office. More information can be found at ProBusinessNH.com