NHDP - What it Takes to Win

Dear Friend,


In six short weeks, New Hampshire voters will head to the polls to make a decision about the future of our state and country.  Republicans want to continue the failed and extreme policies of Mitt Romney, Ovide Lamontagne, and Bill O'Brien.  Democrats will move New Hampshire and our country forward by stimulating the economy and strengthening the middle class.  It is our job to make this distinction crystal clear to voters and we need your help. 


Over the next six weeks, we will be talking to voters about the choices they face on Election Day.  Your support today is critical to us Getting Out the Vote on November 6: 


$500 sends a direct mail piece to a targeted area


$250 buys yard signs for key regions of NH


$100 prints literature for a day of canvassing


$50 pays for a phone line at a field office


Our candidates are tirelessly working each and every day talking to voters.  Your support today can make the difference on November 6.


Thank you for your generosity,



P.S. If you contribute today, we will rush you a limited edition Obama Hassan Shea-Porter or Obama Hassan Kuster bumper sticker pictured below to put on your car for the final push!  Don't miss this opportunity and contribute today.