Andy Martin appeals New Hampshire court order allowing out-of-state student vote

New Hampshire maverick Republican activist and conservative blogger Andy Martin has appealed an effort by lame duck Governor John Lynch and Attorney General Michael Delaney to flood New Hampshire with out-of-state drive-by voters

Andy has filed an appeal of a Strafford County judge’s order opening floodgates to out-of-state voting by students and others in New Hampshire

Andy is also asking the New Hampshire Supreme Court to block the Strafford judge’s order seeking to expand student voting

(MANCHESTER, NH) (September 26, 2012) New Hampshire corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin announced in Honolulu Wednesday morning that he has appealed a Strafford County judge’s order to allow unrestricted out-of-state student voting in New Hampshire.

“I had previously scheduled a trip to Honolulu to supervise our ongoing investigations into Barack Obama’s early years,” Andy says. “We were leaving Tuesday morning. On Monday afternoon the Strafford County judge opened the floodgates to out-of-state student voting in New Hampshire. I had to suspend my preparations for Honolulu and assemble a team to prepare an emergency appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. We worked all night to prepare the appeal and a motion to stay the judgment. I am pleased and proud to say we got the job done at 6:00 A.M. just as I headed for the airport. I actually dropped the New Hampshire court papers in a drop off box at the Salt Lake City Airport. They’re on their way to New Hampshire.

“On my arrival in Honolulu I checked with Federal Express. My packages will be received at the Supreme Court in Concord on Tuesday as well as at the Dover court. Both courts have been asked to “stay” (temporarily suspend) the judge’s ruling permitting virtually unrestricted student voting in New Hampshire. New York student votes could tip the state of New Hampshire into the Obama column on November 6th and nullify the votes of local New Hampshire voters. It’s insane. This is not remotely what the ‘right to vote’ is about.

“Wednesday morning (in Honolulu) I will distribute copies of my Notice of Appeal and Motion for Stay once the packages have been delivered to the courts for processing. Fortunately our investigative team in Honolulu has a complete operating office so we can get the materials to the New Hampshire courts even as we delve into Obama’s past 5000 miles away.

“From Hawai’i to New Hampshire I’m on the job searching for the truth, trying to find the facts and working on behalf of the Constitution.

“I hope the New Hampshire Supreme Court will agreed with me and stay the Strafford judge’s order. We have a Secretary of State to run New Hampshire elections; we don’t need the ACLU to replace Bill Gardner.”