HotAir Daily Express 09/25/2012

Egyptian president: We’re not allies or enemies
9/25/2012 10:01:55 AM  Ed Morrissey
Barack Obama blew the Egypt question in an interview with Telemundo. Would Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi blow it with CBS News? Charlie Rose interviewed Morsi while the new head of state attended the UN General Assembly and asked him to clarify.

Are we too sensitive to partisan skew in polls?
9/25/2012 9:21:48 AM  Ed Morrissey
Critics of media polling have long complained about the sample skew that tends to favor Democrats in their surveys.  We do a lot of poll analysis here at Hot Air and we routinely compare the modeling to exit polling in past elections.  National Journal

Video: Watch the NFL kill its brand in one easy (mis-)step
9/25/2012 8:41:37 AM  Ed Morrissey
Generally speaking, I tend to give sports officials some leeway, perhaps especially in the NFL. The game is fast, it’s complicated, and only seven officials get to watch 22 players on a field that measures 120 yards long (with end zones) by 53

Obamateurism of the Day
9/25/2012 8:01:07 AM  Ed Morrissey
We’re never going to get Barack Obama to do math properly, but we’d like to see him figure out the difference between debt and deficit.  We’d also like to get him to recall the history involved in both.  Here’s an exchange from

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Quotes of the day
9/24/2012 10:40:07 PM  Allahpundit
ABC: President Obama last night on 60 minutes the president referred to the situation in middle east as one of those bumps in the road the country will go through…he will also not have time to meet with some of those leaders while in NY — but will be on

The Bandwagoneers, part II
9/24/2012 10:03:00 PM  Mitch Berg
Over the weekend, the Minneapolis Star/Tribune (“the Strib” to Minnesotans) released one of its in-house “Minnesota Polls” –  which has been, since the mid-1940′s, the brand-label poll of Minnesota political opinion by

Obama on “The View”: “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here”
9/24/2012 9:30:03 PM  Allahpundit
I don’t want to raise expectations, but the most irritating Obama interview ever could be a mere 14 hours away. When host and veteran journalist Barbara Walters kidded Michelle Obama about bringing the president as her “date,” Obama

Today’s alleged Romney gaffe: He doesn’t know that you can’t open the windows on airplanes or something
9/24/2012 8:37:18 PM  Allahpundit
It depresses me to think that the left might actually have convinced itself that Romney doesn’t have a sixth-grader’s grasp on air travel, so I’m not going to think it. I’m going to chalk up the blog tizzy over this today to a

New Elizabeth Warren ad: My parents told me my mom was part Native American, so there you go
9/24/2012 7:57:17 PM  Allahpundit
I didn’t think that exchange over her heritage at the debate last week had drawn any blood, but evidently it did. There’s no way her team would waste resources in addressing this subject unless they didn’t like the feedback they got

Pakistani railway minister: I’ll pay $100,000 to anyone who kills the Mohammed filmmaker
9/24/2012 7:21:42 PM  Allahpundit
U.S. foreign policy is in a very, very confused place when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sounds more sanguine about the latest insult to Islam than our ostensible allies do. In Egypt, an atheist who uploaded the Mohammed movie to YouTube was beaten during his

Video: Israeli delegation walks out of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech — but the U.S. doesn’t?
9/24/2012 6:41:36 PM  Allahpundit
Via Gateway Pundit and I haven’t seen any news stories yet that explicitly say that the U.S. delegation stayed put, but there are several on the wires mentioning Israel’s walkout with no other countries mentioned so it seems

The War on Bacon
9/24/2012 6:01:45 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Welcome! Let us explain. Kelly Maher of Revealing Politics and I are doing a little talk show for 30-45 minutes, here, at 6:15 p.m. every day. We named it The War on Bacon. We figure, since the government is after trans fats, big sodas, salt, and most

Cutter: Women “not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years”
9/24/2012 5:21:35 PM  Erika Johnsen
You know something? I’ve changed my mind. There most definitely is a “war on women” going on — but it’s not being orchestrated by the Right, no no. It’s coming from the Left, in an attempt to lump me into some hapless,

Chicago alderman to Chick-fil-A: I demand that you clarify your stance on donating to anti-SSM groups
9/24/2012 4:41:46 PM  Allahpundit
Not content with telling anyone who’ll listen that the company’s building permit depends upon them conforming to his political views, he’s now gone ahead and put it in writing. In fairness to him, I don’t understand their current

Carney: Attacks on Obama’s “bumps” comments are “desperate and offensive”
9/24/2012 4:01:18 PM  Erika Johnsen
As Ed already recounted, President Obama’s 60 Minutes interview that aired last night is causing a wee bit of headache for the White House — his comments about four American deaths in Libya being a “bump in the road” and about

Exciting news courtesy of Dodd-Frank, et al: “Free” checking, isn’t
9/24/2012 3:21:03 PM  Erika Johnsen
I’ve yet to resolve my quandary over which of President Obama’s signature legislative ‘achievements’ I find more distasteful — ObamaCare, or Dodd-Frank. Yes, ObamaCare boasts the audacity of stomping on individual freedom,

Video: Meet the undecided voter the country’s future depends on
9/24/2012 2:41:52 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Chuckle-worthy, from the crew at “Saturday Night Live.” Get to work on your outreach, guys, and answer some of these burning questions. I don’t want to get too down on undecided voters. In fact, I like them very much and make them

Iranian general threatens pre-emptive strike against Israel, American bases
9/24/2012 2:01:26 PM  Ed Morrissey
Hey, don’t worry about a “senior commander” of the Revolutionary Guard threatening to start a war with Israel and the US.  It’s just noise, after all: Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a brigadier general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard

The Ed Morrissey Show: Kevin McCullough
9/24/2012 1:46:01 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Kevin McCullough joins us again to discuss the intersection of faith and politics. Kevin and I will talk about the “catastrophic” intel loss in Benghazi, the collapse of the Obama administration

NBC’s Chuck Todd: It’s odd that Obama won’t take any meetings with foreign leaders
9/24/2012 1:21:12 PM  Ed Morrissey
He’s right, and for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the unrest in the Middle East.  One would think that an American head of state would take advantage of a UN meeting to grab some quality time with leaders in the region and try to

New Obama ad: Still more on Mitt Romney’s supposed tax sketchiness
9/24/2012 12:41:47 PM  Erika Johnsen
Another week, another round of campaign ads — and in Team Obama’s latest, they tie together Romney’s 47-percent comments and the release of two decades of tax information last week in yet another attempt to make Mitt look altogether

Sacking of Benghazi consulate “a catastrophic intelligence loss”
9/24/2012 12:01:15 PM  Ed Morrissey
Among the more obvious catastrophes of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi — the loss of a dedicated diplomat in J. Christopher Stevens and three brave Americans who tried to defend the station — is perhaps a more significant

Rasmussen: Only 23% believe embassy sieges related to YouTube video
9/24/2012 11:21:44 AM  Ed Morrissey
When a false narrative collapses, it tends to accelerate on the way down.  Just eight days after UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday talk shows to insist that the sacking of our consulate in Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador resulted

Axelrod: “This is not the time” to have a plan to reform Social Security
9/24/2012 10:41:35 AM  Ed Morrissey
David Axelrod ran into a buzz saw this morning, and on MSNBC, of all places.  Time’s Mark Halperin asks a rather predictable question of Axelrod, noting that Barack Obama never mentioned Social Security reform in his 60 Minutes interview last night