Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Taxes of the Day: #10 & 11


According to the Department of Environmental Services, New Hampshire is home to more than 2,600 active dams, with more than 75% of them privately owned.  Sen. Hassan's vote to astronomically increase the cost of both constructing and annually registering those dams are "Maggie's Taxes of the Day" for September 26, 2012.

Prior to 2007, a person or company looking to erect a dam were asked to pay a $250 fee when filing the required paperwork.  After Sen. Hassan was done with the process, that fee was increased to between $2,000 and $4,000 depending on the size of the dam, a 700% to 1,500% increase!

What's more, Sen Hassan also went on to increase the annual dam registration fee owners are required to pay.  That fee jumped 300% (from $100 to $400/annually) for small dam owners, 200% (from $250 to $750) for medium sized, and 50% (from $1,000 to $1,500) for large dam owners.
As a State Senator:
Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED increasing dam application fees as well as fees for annual dam registration (OTP on HB664, 6/7/07).