Lamontagne For Governor - ICYMI: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Campaigns for Ovide Lamontagne

Manchester, NH - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited New Hampshire on Tuesday to campaign for Gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne, traveling together to Bedford, Derry, Hudson and Atkinson.  Throughout the day, the pair focused on Ovide's Prosperity Agenda for improving New Hampshire’s economy, enhancing health care availability in New Hampshire, as well as Ovide’s plans for meaningful education reform.  Governor Christie also spoke from firsthand knowledge on the havoc multiple tax and fee increases – similar to the 99 tax and fee hikes backed by Democratic nominee Maggie Hassan – can have on the economy of a state. 

For photos of the day's events, visit here.  Below, you will find a sampling of other press coverage from the visit.

Nashua Telegraph:  Gov. Christie stumps for Lamontagne at Atrium Medical in Hudson

Christie told employees of Atrium Medical Corp., a Hudson medical device company, that Hassan’s record as a state senator of supporting higher taxes, fees and spending increases threatens to turn New Hampshire into what New Jersey was before he became governor.

Union Leader:  N.J. governor makes Granite State stop to boost Lamontagne

The affordable health care act is a one-size-fits-all approach funded on the backs of seniors, Lamontagne said.  He promised a “New Hampshire approach to health care reform” based on free market principles and state-based reforms.  Lamontagne spoke about the importance of an educated workforce and proposed a “learn-to-earn” program that partners education with the needs of employers. He cited his professional experience as an educator.

WMUR:  N.J. Gov. Christie campaigns in support of Lamontagne

"Part of what I'm doing in coming to New Hampshire is to give a cautionary tale," Christie said. "We raised taxes 115 times. She voted for 99 new taxes. There's a lot of similarities there."

Eagle Tribune:  Chris Christie rallies GOP to back Lamontagne

“Free enterprise creates jobs, not government. The truth is every tax increase, every fee hike takes freedom and liberty and capital away from us,” Lamontagne said. “It funds bigger government and it chokes our children’s future and our own.”

Concord Monitor:  Campaign taps Jersey muscle

"Listen, I know what good, strong, conservative Republican governance can do, and what it can do here for New Hampshire is even greater than what it's done in New Jersey," Christie told an enthusiastic crowd outside Freshwater Farms in Atkinson yesterday afternoon, following stops with Lamontagne at a fundraiser in Bedford and a Hudson medical-supply company.

Patch: Christie Campaigns for Ovide in NH [with video]

"If you allow government to get into the door of a new tax on you, get ready" Christie said. "Because government is never-ending in terms of its hunger for your money."

Gov. Christie also joined WGIR's Paul Westcott to discuss his visit and Ovide's candidacy.