NHDP - What's In Ovide-O'Brien's Secret Agenda?

Republicans Trying to Hide Plans from Voters; Need to Come Clean


CONCORD - Bill O'Brien and Ovide Lamontagne should come clean about what is in their secret agenda and release to the public the legislation they and their allies are proposing, said House Democratic Leader Terie Norelli.


State legislators began filing bill proposals last week, but as the Concord Monitor reported today, Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien is breaking precedent to keep proposed legislation secret until AFTER the election.


"Ovide Lamontagne and Bill O'Brien have a secret agenda that they are trying to hide from the public," Norelli said. "The people of New Hampshire deserve to know what is really in the Ovide-O'Brien secret agenda, which seems to include extreme ideas like cutting state aid to public schools, revoking insurance coverage for birth control and taking away abortion rights from women."


Republicans have been trying to hide some of their more extreme proposals. For example, Cornerstone Research has released a 26-item agenda, a dozen pieces of proposed legislation focused on taking away insurance coverage for birth control, repealing marriage equality and limiting abortion rights. Cornerstone has said that legislators are filing bills to enact this agenda, and that they expect the signers of their pledge - including Ovide Lamontagne - to enact their agenda.


 Lamontagne has tried to say that he doesn't need to discuss his extreme position on these issues, and has suggested that the legislature won't bring them up. Cornerstone, however, has said legislation to enact these extreme ideas is being filed right now.


"Ovide Lamontagne is not being honest with the people of New Hampshire about his agenda as Governor," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Ovide Lamontagne should call on Bill O'Brien to immediately show the public the bills they are proposing."