ALG's Daily Grind - Germany turns against the wind on renewables

Sept. 27, 2012

Germany turns against the wind on renewables

Country struggles to keep a necessary amount of electricity on the power grid with wind, now in the process of building 16 new coal-fired and 15 new gas-fired power stations by 2020.

Video: Hear Things That Were Edited Out Of The '47 Percent' Clip And Take An Obamanomics Pop Quiz

We've all heard the secret recording on Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of Americans feel entitled. Now hear more from that recording as Mitt Romney talks about the national debt.

Who is that masked man, and what has he done with Mitt Romney?

Why isn't Romney indicting the Obama Administration for dishonestly printing money to pay the debt the way he did at the Boca Raton fundraiser?

Irwin: Why Europe is looking like a mess (again)

"Whenever the European Central Bank steps up and deploys its bottomless ability to print euros to ease the panic on financial markets, everyone else steps down. The political leaders in financially troubled southern European nations see less urgency to the budget-cutting."