Karen Testerman - Wayne MacDonald Should Resign as NH GOP Chairman

Thursday, September 27, 2012

For Immediate Release   

MacDonald Should Resign  

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Failure to perform duties cited.

Concord, NH -Due to the widespread concern over the lack of information provided by the Republican Party leadership to their elected delegates, former gubernatorial candidate, Karen Testerman is issuing a call for the resignation of Party Chairman, Wayne MacDonald. "Fundamentally, delegates should know what their responsibilities are when they submit their names for election," she stated.


"That being said," she continued, "it is also one of the primary jobs of the chairman of the GOP to extend to each elected delegate congratulations, in writing (in hard copy) and the current rules, responsibilities, current and proposed changes in platform and rules to each delegate along with the date of upcoming conventions and meetings if scheduled.


"The most important job of the Chairman of the Party is to ensure the elected representatives (delegates) know their responsibilities and qualifications for office," Testerman continued. "I believe that the current chairman, Wayne McDonald, should resign for failure to perform his duties.  Failing this, I as a registered Republican, but not a delegate, request that one or more of the delegates, submit a motion on the floor to remove the Chairman for dereliction of duties at the convention on Saturday, September 29."