Lamontagne Releases Health Care Reform Agenda

Advocates free-market reforms to increase coverage, reduce cost, improve quality

Manchester, NH – The Ovide for Governor campaign today released its health care policy agenda, which calls for reforms at both the state and federal level designed to increase competition and lower costs for New Hampshire residents.

“Each state in our nation has a different demographic profile and set of complex market dynamics that influence the health care marketplace,” said Ovide Lamontagne, candidate for Governor.  “We are one of the healthiest states in the nation but we spend more on care each year than all but nine states.  We must take a close look at the unique factors driving cost here in New Hampshire and take steps to address them in a way that will continue to ensure high quality care but at a price all Granite Staters can afford.”

Lamontagne’s Health Care Agenda calls for an adjusted community-rating model that encourages individuals to take more control of their health decisions and rewards those who work to stay healthy.  His proposal calls for increasing the number of insurance products available by reducing mandates and increasing competition.

"We have the opportunity to create health care reform here in the state of New Hampshire that could serve as the model for the rest of the country," said Maria Ryan, PhD, CEO Cottage Hospital. "The federal government spends 15% of GDP on health care, and here in New Hampshire the Department of Health and Human Services accounts for almost 50% of our annual general fund budget,  this is simply not sustainable.  We need leaders who are willing to work on concrete solutions, not ones who will over-promise or try to scare our citizens in a quest for votes.  Ovide has experience working in the health care field, and his plan offers a comprehensive vision for how we will address several key issues in the years ahead."

The full proposal, which also includes more about Lamontagne’s plans for fighting the implementation of Affordable Care Act and working to block grant federal funds in order to enact New Hampshire based solutions, can be viewed at: 

"As a legislator, Sen. Hassan consistently advocated for policies that resulted in higher health care costs for New Hampshire families, businesses, and care providers," said Lamontagne spokesman Tom Cronin.

"From huge increases in facility fees, to new and expensive mandates, to her most infamous bill, MaggieCare – her own state-based takeover scheme similar to ObamaCare – Sen. Hassan's solutions to the health care concerns facing our families and businesses are wrong for New Hampshire."