Concord, NH- As the state Republican convention approaches, New Hampshire Republican State Committee leaders announced, along with many other activists, that it is proud to support the proposed 2013-2014 platform. 

"The New Hampshire Republican party platform is an important document, and everyone involved is committed to it being the best document possible," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "It has attracted the support of numerous activists, and received unanimous support from the executive committee members who reviewed it at a regularly scheduled meeting. We highly recommend it to the delegates for their consideration and support. This has been an open and thorough process due to the hard work by dedicated people, and we are looking forward to a healthy discussion on Saturday."

The following Republicans have endorsed the proposed 2013-2014 platform: 

2012 NHGOP Platform Committee:
Jennifer Horn- Chair
Mayor Ken Merrifield- Vice Chair
Rob Kasper- Vice Chair
Rep. Paul Mirski- Grafton County
Rep. Dan McGuire- Merrimack County
Rep. Lou Vita- Strafford County
Judy Havenstein- Belknap County
Jen Couture- Merrimack County
Pam Manney- Hillsborough County
Jane Lane- Cheshire County
Rep. Spec Bowers- Sullivan County
David Chesley- Concord City Committee
Biz Corrow- Rockingham County
Dan Garthwaite- Manchester City Committee

Republican Supporters:
Kevin Smith- Candidate for Governor 2012
Juliana Bergeron- National Committeewoman
Steve Duprey- National Committeeman
Jim Foley- Finance Chair
David Hurst- Chair NHYRF
Jim Rubens- Chair GSAEG (in support of sections regarding gambling. GSAEG is a non-partisan group.)
Andrew Hemmingway- Chair 4RG
Shannon McGinley- activist
Bill O'Connor- Chair Strafford County Republican Committee
Rep. Steve Cunningham- Chair Sullivan County Republican Committee
Hon. Tony Giunta- Franklin
Rep. Carol McGuire- HRA
Rep. Carol Vita- HRA
Carolyn McKinney & the Board of the Republican Liberty Caucus