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Romney Campaign Launches New Hampshire Women for Mitt Romney 

Boston, MA – Today, the Romney campaign launched New Hampshire Women for Mitt at an event in Concord, NH attended by U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The coalition of over 600 individuals is made up of women in all ten New Hampshire counties and nearly 150 towns from Hampton to West Lebanon.

"New Hampshire is critical to victory in November, and women are critical to winning New Hampshire and changing the direction of our country,” said U.S. Senator and New Hampshire Women for Mitt State Chair Kelly Ayotte. “With more than 600 members throughout the state, the Women for Mitt coalition is a major part of that effort. Together, we'll work hard to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan so they can get our fiscal house in order, put Americans back to work, and secure a brighter future for our children and grandchildren."

Women cannot afford four more years like the last four years under President Obama’s failed policies. Women in the Granite State want a real recovery and real leadership in the White House. The Romney-Ryan plan for a stronger middle class will result in lower taxes, less government spending, more economic growth, and 12 million new jobs—59,000 in New Hampshire alone.

The following are members of New Hampshire Women for Mitt: 

Honorary Chairs

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Nashua

Lisa Bass, Peterborough

Kathy Gregg, Rye Beach

Kitty Sununu, Waterville Valley

Nancy Sununu, Hampton Falls

Donna Sytek, Salem


Statewide Co-Chairs

Beverly Bruce, Tuftonboro

Jan Face Glassman, Ctr. Barnstead

Carol Holden, Amherst

Leann Moccia, Atkinson

Maureen Mooney, Merrimack

Stella Scamman, Stratham

Sharon Sykas, Stratham


Steering Committee

Juliana Bergeron, Keene

Sen. Sharon Carson, Londonderry

Sen. Jeanie Forrester, Meredith

Sen. Nancy Stiles, Hampton

Phyllis Woods, Dover


County Leaders

Debbie Balog, Jefferson

Elizabeth Feren, Manchester

Pat Fleck, Wakefield

Joanne Haight, Ctr. Sandwich

Lisa Hansen, Amherst

Judy Havenstein, Alton

Jane Lane, Keene

Kerry Marsh, Concord

Beth Perlo, Sugar Hill

Danielle Rieger, Derry

Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

Molly Sanborn, Hooksett

Victoria Schwaegler, Orford

Faith Tobin, Sanbornton



Kristine Adams, Goffstown

Leigh Adams-Bourque, Dover

Paula Agrella, Exeter

Britton Albiston, Bedford

Linda Alcorta, Rindge

Elizabeth Almstrom, Meredith

Linda Anderson, Lyndeborough

Susan Anderson-Catchpole, Nashua

Stephany Argyle, Amherst

Dianne Arnheim, Exeter

Kayleigh Ash, Laconia

Eva Ashton, Meredith

Sue Asselin, Milford

Mary Austin, Nashua

Cheryl Ayer, Gilford

Adele Baker, Manchester

Elena Ball, Gilmanton Iron Works

Kathleen Barlow, Milford

Maureen Barrett, Manchester

Barbara Barrett, Concord

J. Gail Barry, Manchester

Carol Barth, Amherst

Marion Bartlett, Dover

Teresa Bascom, Nottingham

Donna Beatrice, Nashua

Margaret Beaudette, Merrimack

Coberly Behn, Amherst

Christine Bell , Hampstead

JoAnn Bellavance, Hampton

Robin E. Bellinger, Newport

Mary  Bellino, Bradford

Patricia Belluche, Jackson

Kathy Benuck, Bedford

Ruth Berg, Bedford

Susan Berntsen, Hooksett

Barbara Berry, Keene

Nancy Berry, Rye

Sally Bewersdorf, Amherst

Louise Bill, Fitzwilliam

Kristin  Black, Penacook

Catherine Blake, Durham

Kathleen Bonenberger, Amherst

Joyce Bosse, Hillsboro

Vicky Bradley, Holderness

Nancy Branco, Hudson

Barbara Bridges, Wolfeboro

Nancy Briefs, Nashua

Cindy Bringhurst, Merrimack

Julie Brinkema, Amherst

Louise Brochu, Amherst

Ann Bross, Hollis

Carolyn Brown, North Conway

Judy Brown, Nashua

Barbara Browne, Glen

Deborah Brubach, Tilton

Sharyn Bryant, Wolfeboro

Sharon Buck, Hampton

Linda Bullis, Newport

Rachelle Burnham, Deerfield

Alice Bury, Amherst

Pam Cafasso, Bow

Betty Ann Callanan, Hampton

Alice Calvert, Alton

Kathy Camara, Merrimack

Beverly Cameron, Colebrook

Caralinda Campbell, Salem

Anne Caplan, Portsmouth

Amelia Cappone-Muccio, Wolfeboro

Stacy Carey, Newton

Joan Carmichael, Manchester

Judythe Carson, New Ipswich

Joan Cassidy, Tuftonboro

Cheryl Cataldo, Farmington

Jane Cederholm, Hopkinton

Karen Cervantes, Lebanon

Kathleen Chadwick, Bedford

Norma Champagne, Manchester

Louise Chani, Merrimack

Mary Ruth Charette, Boscawen

Monica Charpentier, Hooksett

Anne Chouinard, Manchester

Denise Christiansen, Barnstead

Susan Christiansen, Bedford

Ellen Christo  , Hampton Falls

Elizabeth Christoffersen, Hollis

Mary Ann Clapper, Hollis

Barbara Clark, Nashua

Kristen Coates, Munsonville

Frances  Cogan, Amherst

Karyl Cohen, Goffstown

Marie Coletta, Salem

Melora Collette, Bedford

Mary Ellen Concannon, Amherst

Carol Congdon, North Hampton

Linda Connelly, Londonderry

Kathleen Connerty, Hudson

June Cook, Dublin

Janice Cook, Bedford

Jane Cormier, Alton

Monica Cornelia, Rye Beach

Joan Cornett, Amherst

Pamela Coughlin, Amherst

Janette Coull, Alton

Tracy Coulombe, Chester

Marga   Coulp, Dover

Jen   Couture, Concord

Lisa Couture, Farmington

Stephanie Crain, Bedford

Shirley Crepon, New London

Margaret Crisler, Windham

Diane Crooker, Tilton

Rita Crooks, Merrimack

Lydia Cumbee, Franconia

Claudia Cunningham, Barrington

Sandra Cupples, Hooksett

Doris Cupples, Manchester

Adelyn Curran, Hooksett

Christina Cuzzi, Manchester

Linda Dabica, Wolfeboro

Pamela Dancy, Derry

Juanita Dangel, Merrimack

Miriam D'Angona, Bradford

Loreen Daniels, Milford

Susan Davis, Dublin

Kate Day, Spofford

Carol Day, Goffstown

Ellen Dearborn, Plymouth

Dr. Deb  DeBeradinis, Manchester

Patricia Deckert, Rochester

Barbara Deguise, Amherst

Natalie Delaney, Warner

Janice Della Croce, Bristol

Laurie DePaulis, Nashua

Edna Derienzo, Derry

Debra DeSimone, Atkinson

Ruth Desmarais, Wolfeboro

Celeste Desrosiers, Nashua

Margaret Devine, North Conway

Lois DeYoung, Brentwood

Casey DeYoung, Raymond

Mary Dirago, Rye

Christine Dobbins, Manchester

Elizabeth Dodd, Manchester

Jody Dodge, Keene

Valerie Dodge, Claremont

Lynne Doherty, Amherst

Stefanie Donnell, Manchester

Judy Donnelly, Weare

Nancy Donohoe, Meredith

Stella Donovan, Rumney

Pat Dowaliby, Dover

Kelly Dowd, Barrington

Cindy Downing, Plymouth

Madeline Dreusicke, Pelham

Dyan Driscoll, Weirs Beach

Debbie Drysdale, Weare

Sherre Dubis, Merrimack

Katie Dubois, Meredith

Annette Ducharme, Amherst

Terri Dudley, West Lebanon

Michelle Dulac, Dover

Barbara Dutile, Haverhill

Yvonne Eames, Littleotn

Valerie Earnshaw, Bedford

Madison  Earnshaw, Bedford

Jackie Eastwood, Durham

Claudette Edwards, Amherst

Susan Emerson, Rindge

Lisa Emerson, Amherst

Shannon Enoch, Amherst

Jennifer Erdody, Milford

Kelsey Fair, Goffstown

Erin Fay, Salem

Marilyn Febles, Nashua

Lynn Fedas, Amherst

Michelle Federico, Windham

Robin Felch, Ctr. Harbor

Francesca Fernald, Portsmouth

Beverly Ferrante, Derry

Jeanie Ferreira, Gilford

Jan Feuer, Marlow

Marolyn Fillion, Thornton

Beth Flick, Keene

Caroline Flower, Orford

Claudia Footer, Wolfeboro

Sen. Jeanie Forester, Meredith

Marie Fortier, Wilton

Lizzie Fraden, Seabrook

Michele Frahm, Moultonborough

Sheila Francoeur, Hampton

Nancy Frost, Dunbarton

Lauren Fuller, Plaistow

Joan Fulton, Litchfield

Sarah Furey, Lebanon

Erica Furze, Nashua

Susana Futado, Somersworth

Heather Gagnon, Claremont

Judy Galluzzo, Salem

Laura Gandia, Litchfield

Marilinda Garcia, Salem

Maureen Gauvin, Greenville

Linda George, Hudson

Debbie Gilday, Litchfield

Diane Godbout, Laconia

Brenda Godlewski, Amherst

Sally Goode, Amherst

Donna Goodwin, Barnstead

Kim Gordon,Winchester

Julie Gordon, Raymond

Gladys Goughnour, Nashua

Denise Govoni, Warren

Laura Grandis, Amherst

Sarah Grant, Bristol

Gloria Gray, Hillsboro

Michelle Gray, Merrimack

Gina Green, Weare

Mary Griffin, Windham

Ruth Griffin, Portsmouth

Lori Guba, Exeter

Lori Guerra, Merrimack

Melissa Guldbrandsen, Alton

Pam Hagan, Bedford

Susan Hamilton, Wolfeboro

Evelyn Erica Handler, Bow

Alyssa Hansen, Amherst

Michelle Hansen, Amherst

Kym Harmon, Amherst

Lucy Harrison, Concord

Tammy Hastings, Littleotn

Ali   Hattamer, Nashua

Marilyn Hedstrom, Greenfield

Patricia Heed, Westmoreland

Shirley Hefele, Dunbarton

Linda Henderson, Rye

Rhonda Hensley, Merrimack

Susan Herceg, Amherst

Penny Hersey, Nashua

Karen Hesky, Derry

Judith Hess, Hooksett

Jensine Hilliard, Northfield

Marci Hills, Goffstown

Donni Hodgkins, Amherst

Robin Hoey, Amherst

Denise Hoffman, Merrimack

Elaine Hohmann-Lane, Pelham

Susan Holden, Northwood

E. Jane Holmes, West Ossipee

Michelle Holton, New London

Jennifer Horn, Nashua

Stephany Houghton, Amherst

Margaret Howell, Manchester

Julia   Howell, Bedford

Barbara Hubbard, Hampstead

Dottie Hufft, Amherst

Estella Hughes, Bedford

Elaine Hughes, Manchester

Patricia Humphrey, Chichester

Wendy Hunt, Amherst

Becky Hunt, Rochester

Ann Huntington, Milford

Christina Hurni, Atkinson

Sharleene Hurst, Hampton

Marilyn Huston, Keene

Karen Hutchinson, Londonderry

Annette Hyde, Derry

Betty Hyman, Ctr. Barnstead

Donna Iacopucci, Belmont

Dee Ide, Mirror Lake

Judy Ingoldsby, Alton

Sharon Inza, Salem

Andrea Izzo, Bedford

Joan Jackson, Rochester

Brenda Jameson, Amherst

Diane Jaquith, Amherst

Ruth Jasinski, Manchester

Joyce Jason, Nashua

Marilyn Jasper, Windham

Amber Jensen, Bedford

Sheri Jensen, Moultonborough

Carolyn Jernberg, Wolfeboro

Rita Johnson, Wolfeboro

Jane Johnson, Swanzey

Mary Ellen Johnson, Keene

Kathy Johnson, Thornton

Debra Johnson, Concord

Susan Johnson, Londonderry

Judy Johnson, Windham

Lisa Johnson, Concord

Jen Johnson, Concord

Carol Johnson, Hooksett

Mary Ellen Johnson, Keene

Paula Johnson, Nashua

Suzanne Jones, Amherst

D.J.  Jozwiak, Hudson

Jen  Kahler, Merrimack

Kristen Kassas, Salem

Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry

Betsy Katsikas, Manchester

Melanie Katsoupis, Goffstown

Marcia Keane, Amherst

Karen Keefe, Newport

Lindsay Keith, Newport

Phyllis Kelley, Bedford

Sarah Kenda, North Hampton

Susan Kenney, Meredith

Jocelyn Kerr, Hopkinton

Jane Kirk, Nelson

Robin Knight, Wakefield

June Kolbe, Hollis

Colleen Kossakoski, Keene

Judy Krahulec, Weirs Beach

Ann Krupp, Londonderry

Tamara Lacasse, Nashua

Barbara LaCombe, Chester

Jean  LaCroix, Melvin Village

Wendy Lague, Concord

Colleen Lake, Stratham

Lisa Lally, Hooksett

Kelly Lamanna, Mont Vernon

Allison Lamanna, Mont Vernon

Catherine Lambert, Nashua

Lori Lambert, Nashua

Rita Lamont, Barnstead

Erin Lamontagne, Manchester

Ann Lamontagne, Manchester

Keri Lamontagne, Manchester

Kathleen Lamontagne, Manchester

Bettie Lamontagne, Manchester

Marilyn Lamoureux, Barnstead

Rosalind Landers, E. Wakefield

Ann Landers, Wolfeboro

Rosemary Landry, Meredith

Jaime Langan, Windham

Joyce Larsen, Nashua

June Larsen, Bow

Enid Larsen, Dunbarton

Kathleen Lauer-Rago, Franklin

Cassie LaVallier, New Boston

Karen Leavitt, Hampton

Marjorie Leber, Andover

Jami Leger, Londonderry

Larraine Lencki, Manchester

Lynn Lennon, Amherst

Anne-Marie Letourneau, Derry

Pamela Lindberg  , Epsom

Holly Lindberg-Perreault, Milford

Beth Lindemann, Fremont

Liz   Lindquist, Manchester

Shelly Ling, Weare

Betty Liporto, Manchester

Sandy Lish, Nashua

Ramona Lockhart, Wolfeboro

Shirley Logan, Derry

Di  Lothrop, Nashua

Lynne Lydon, Nashua

Josey MacMillan, Hollis

Andrea Maile, Canaan

Gwen Mains, Wolfeboro

Brenda Major, Plaistow

Kathleen Maloney, Ossipee

Pamela Manney, Goffstown

Evelyn Marconi, Portsmouth

Marylou Marcus, Peterborough

Gloria Marquez-Sterling, Plymouth

Louise Marrama, Nashua

Dianne Martel, Bedford

Bernadette Martel, Derry

Mary Martin, Dover

Cynthia Martin, Bow

Jenny Martin, Greenland

Anna Maziarz, Goffstown

Nicola McCabe, Rochester

Lynn McCarthy, Conway

Terry McCarthy, Conway

Sarah McCarthy, Ctr. Conway

Gail McClure, Hales Location

Helen McCobb, Nashua

Helen McCobb, Nashua

Sue McDonald, Nashua

Patricia McEachern, Derry

Nancy McGaan, Windham

Shannon McGinley, Bedford

Judith McKenna, Manchester

Betsy McKinney, Londonderry

Karen McNiff, Tamworth

Barbara Mello, Dover

Bernice Melnick, Fremont

Pamela Merrill, Belmont

Irene Messier, Manchester

Martha Methot, Manchester

Amy Meyers, Jaffrey

Susan Mielbrecht, Moultonborough

Betsy Miller, Bow

Jayne Millerick, Bow

Elizabeth Minickiello, Plymouth

Mena Mitchell, Stark

Valery Mitchell, Concord

Barbara Mitera, Concord

Debbie Modugno, Merrimack

Claira Monier, Goffstown

Annie Monsell, Keene

Carol Morgan, Alton

Barbara Morrill, Manchester

Janis Mosher, Hampstead

Amy Moutenot, Nashua

Marie Muller, Nashua

JoAnn  Munro, Peterborough

Nancy Murray, Fremont

Carol Napoli, Litchfield

Carla Nastri, Amherst

Annabell Neal, Farmington

Jenn  Nelson, Hollis

Jodi Nelson, Derry

Elizabeth Nelson, Concord

Irene Neonakis, Greenfield

Kim Nguyen, Nashua

Marjorie Nielsen, Weare

Teresa Noel, Hollis

Donna Noftle, Hampton

Wendy Nolin, Sunapee

Jeanine Notter, Merrimack

Kandace Oates, Fremont

Kara Obey, Newbury

Sonia Obinger-Silva, Sandown

Roxanne O'Brien, Mont Vernon

Diane O'Gara, Derry

Susan Oliveri, N. Sutton

Kelly Olsen, Milford

Susan Olsen, Warner

Sheila O'Neil, Merrimack

Lucy Opal, Swanzey

Becky Orton, Gilford

Irina Owens, Brookline

Beverly Page, Bow

Marie Paling, E. Kingston

Lee Palizzilo, Contoocook

Georgia Palmieri, Keene

Veda Paoletta, East Kingston

Cindy Pappas, Bedford

Toni Pappas, Manchester

Terri Partin, Hollis

Sally Patenaude, Hopkinton

Linda Paul, Bedford

Mary Ann Pavone-Smith, Merrimack

Shauna Pearson, Merrimack

Anita Peik, Hollis

Barbara Pelkey, Jaffrey

Caren Pelletier, Merrimack

Patty Pemberton, Bedford

Megan Pemberton, Bedford

Kate Pemberton, Bedford

Catherine Perkins, Lebanon

Mona Perreault, Newfields

Georgia Perry, Epsom

Christine Peters, Amherst

Lenette Peterson, Merrimack

Judy Peterson, Wilton

Jan Peterson, Mirror Lake

Augusta Petrone, Dublin

Leona Pichette, Keene

Josephine Plant, Merrimack

Julie Pletcher, Nashua

Dani   Podvojsky, Nashua

Thelma Poitras, Goshen

Samantha Porter, Tuftonboro

Michelle Porter, Tuftonboro

Lisa Pratt, Epping

Sharon Prevett, Nashua

Pam Price, Nashua

Honey Puterbaugh, Barrington

Tammy Rafferty, Amherst

Rachel Rafferty, Amherst

Becca Rankin, Derry

Lorinda Rausch, Derry

Patricia Raynes, Peterborough

Katherine Raynor, Durham

Janis Reams, Hampton

JoEllen Redmond, Amherst

Sandra Reeves, Manchester

Michelle Reicher, Manchester

Elaine Riba, Monroe

Robin Rice, Manchester

Marion Rice, Newport

Jeannine Richardson, Merrimack

Lori Richardson, Northfield

Rebecca Rigg, Nashua

Laurie Riley, Keene

Pamela Rodgers, Derry

Carol Rodrigues, Manchester

Sally Rosa, Newmarket

Margaret Roy, Merrimack

Sherry Rudy, Gilford

Kathy Rush, Hampton

Mary Russell, Madison

Donna Ryan, Manchester

Terry Ryan, Nashua

Dorothy Salter, Bow

Carole Salyer, Bow

Jeannie Sangenario, Exeter

Joan Santagati, Salem

Kimberly Santagati, Derry

Diane Sarette, Ctr. Conway

Christine Sargent, Exeter

Elaine Schaffner, Goffstown

Ronnie Schlender, Manchester

Kendra Schmip, Goffstown

Vicki Schwaegler, Orford

Suzanne Scolamiero, Jackson

Lisa Scontsas, Nashua

Shelli Scott, Derry

Cathy Sedler, Wolfeboro

Lorraine Seidel, Nashua

Faye Sell, Londonderry

Tara Sennick, Goffstown

Judy Seppala, Londonderry

Tallie Service, Manchester

Nicole Settineri, Salem

Mary Ann Shakir, North Conway

Janet Shaw, Bow

JoAnn Sherman, New Boston

Joan Shipman, North Conway

Mary Shonk, Dublin

Rita Siegal, Milford

Susan Sinclair, Franklin

Michelle Siudut, Brentwood

Pamela Skinner, Windham

Jill Slocum, Amherst

Elaine Smiglowski, Concord

Christa Smith, Greenland

Suzy Smith, Litchfield

Jeannette Smolnik, Weare

Mary Smyk, Stratham

Maureen Sparti, Glen

Anne Spencer, Nashua

Patricia Spencer, Manchester

Melissa St. Jacques, Tilton

Susan St. Laurent, Nashua

Carole Stabile, Wolfeboro

Ann Stark, Holderness

Amy Starr, Bedford

Kathleen Stephens, Sandown

Nancy Stevenson, Wolfeboro

Terry Stewart, Hudson

Kristin Stockett, Lebanon

Jill Stone, Hollis

Eileen Strain, Laconia

Kathleen Stroud, Merrimack

Maureen Sullivan, Derry

Mary Ann Sullivan, Manchester

Verity Swayne, Amherst

Donna Sweet, Concord

Elaine Swinford, Ctr. Barnstead

Sharon Tamposi, Nashua

Diane Taupier, Berlin

June Taylor-Kuhn, Laconia

Linda Teagan, North Conway

Sharon Teel, Sandwich

Susan Temple, Moultonborough

Barbara Theodore, Portsmouth

Karen Thoman, Nashua

Lynn Thomas, Spofford

Liz   Thomas, Londonderry

Dana Thomas, Hooksett

Kim   Thompson, Ctr. Tuftonboro

Jeanne Thurber, Hooksett

Shirley Tinker, Penacook

Ann Titus, Farmington

Faith Titus, Farmington

Kara Titus, Farmington

Alexandra Tokanel, Windham

Robyn Tolman, Raymond

Pamela Tucker, Greenland

Linda Twombly, Nashua

Linda Tyo, Moultonborough

Karen Vadney, Meredith

Pamela Valentine, Wolfeboro

Julie Vallace, Merrimack

Elizabeth Van Twuyver, Nashua

Marian Vangel, Salem

Elizabeth VanTwuyver, Nashua

Carol Varney, Belmont

Dottie Vattes, Manchester

Allison Viger, Chester

Sue Vitale, North Conway

Diane Vlatis, Brookline

Diane Vumbaco, Nashua

Kirby Wade, Epsom

Nancy Wall, Nashua

Sue Wallace, Merrimack

June Waltz, North Conway

Kelly Watson, Hampton

Heidi Weber, Weare

Margo Weeks, Gilford

Susan Weiske, Amherst

Jan Welch, Hollis

Marge Welch, Bow

Carol Welch, Kingston

Rose Wells, Merrimack

Amy Wells, Manchester

Fran   Wendelboe, New Hampton

Mary Wenert, East Andover

Kimberly Wenzlau, Somersworth

Susan Whitten, Hudson

Paula Whittier, Amherst

Kathryn Why, Wolfeboro

Nancy Wickett, Stratham

Jean Wilson, Wolfeboro

Lisa Withrow, Salem

Shelly Wolcott, Milford

Denise Worcester, Hillsboro

Mary Wuellenwebber, Bow

Dorothy Zarba, Bristol

Alice Ziegla-Calvert, Alton

Sandra Ziehm, Hudson

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