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Dear Friends,


This week, I was honored to be recognized by the National Federation of Independent Business with their "Guardian of Small Business" Award for supporting small businesses with pro-growth policies. It's important that America has an economic climate in which businesses can thrive without overbearing and unnecessary regulations costing them time and money that could be used to create the jobs our state and country so desperately need.


In addition, recently the non-partisan budget group, the Concord Coalition presented me with their "Economic Patriot Award" for "standing up to the pressure of special interests" when I helped offer the bipartisan budget plan based on the Simpson-Bowles recommendations. I am committed to solving our nation's challenges in a responsible manner that will get the job done. 


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Check out our newest TV Ad that shows how Annie Kuster is "dancing" away from her hyper-partisan record.



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Join Team Bass for some door-to door this weekend and help to get out Charlie's message of fiscal discipline to the voters of Nashua!


Nashua Door-to-Door

Sunday, 12:00 noon-4:00 pm

427 Amherst Street, Nashua


Please email if you are able to join us!



From the Papers...


This week we have seen a lot of support from across the district, with letters to the editor in support of Charlie published in several newspapers including the Nashua Telegraph, Union Leader, Concord Monitor and Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. We would like to thank everyone who wrote in support of Charlie and share a couple letters here. Here's what Clay in Jaffrey and Ashley in Henniker had to say about Charlie.


Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: 

Bipartisan efforts make Bass special


The upcoming elections - local, state and national - present clear contrasts in policies and in style. I like these contrasts in policies because they help voters think about the issues. The difficulties in achieving a functioning government are caused not so much by those differences in policy as they are caused by differences in style. It is important how a politician goes about getting the work done.


Congressman Charlie Bass has demonstrated the ability to work with the differences in policy to achieve bipartisan results. He shuns aggressive partisanship in favor of achieving results that will move the country forward. "Give a little, take a little" is how effective government must work. Sometimes this means going against the mainstream of his own party, which he did when co-sponsoring the bipartisan budget modeled on the Simpson-Bowles Commission. He also was one of only 16 Republicans to vote in favor of bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. And he fought against efforts to delay environmental protections for New Hampshire. Charlie Bass's style has always been to support the policies of Republicans and also to reflect the desires of his constituents, whatever their party. That has sometimes meant that he is out of step with the far side of both parties, but it has also meant that he is in step with those who want to see our government work. And that, I believe, includes most of us.

Charlie Bass has my vote and my wife's. We like his policies on Medicare and protecting seniors, on tax reform, on women, and on the military. And above all, we support his interest in a smaller government. Charlie Bass is a politician who doesn't spend energy shouting partisan slogans and accusations. He is a Representative who can make government work for us all.


Clay Hollister, Jaffrey


Concord Monitor:

For women, Bass is best


If you support women's rights, then you should vote for U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass.


As a young college student, I trust Bass to fight for me. Bass supports legislation that would assist victims of domestic violence. He cosponsored the Violence Against Women Act, working with Democrats and Republicans to increase protection for victims of abuse. This measure will protect women and is providing support for victims. Bass has also been given the National Breast Cancer Coalition Congressional Award by the National Breast Cancer Association, for fighting for women's health and cosponsoring the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act. While issues pertaining to women's rights are often overshadowed by economic issues, I respect Bass for recognizing how important this issue is for people like me.


Bass is a man of principle, intelligence and honor, and I know he will continue to represent me as a woman well. I am counting down the days to when I can cast my ballot for him.


Ashley Cote, Henniker


If you'd like to write a letter to the editor in support of Charlie and would like our assistance with how best to submit it, please email or call us at 603.226.6000.


Volunteer of the Week...


Meet Dee! Dee is from New Ipswich and is proud to be married to an active duty military member of 39 years. Dee joins our team frequently for phone banks and is always willing to take on any project to help! We thank Dee for all of her help and are proud to name her as our Volunteer of the Week!

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