CEI Weekly: Is There a Future for Generic Biotech Crops?

Friday, September 28, 2012



Feature: A new CEI study looks at the effect of regulatory policy on crop biotechnology.

FEATURE: Is There a Future For Generic Biotech Crops?


Usually when patents expire, new generic markets are allowed to develop. But in the case of crop biotechnology, current U.S. regulatory policy could prevent a market of affordable generic biotech seeds. CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko explains the situation and proposes regulatory reforms in a new CEI Issue Analysis: "Is There a a Future for Generic Biotech Crops? Regulatory Reform Is Needed for a Viable Post-Patent Industry."





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September 27, 2012: The Future of Generic Biotech Crops


Senior Fellow Greg Conko discusses his newpaper, “Is There a Future for Generic Biotech Crops? Regulatory Reform Is Needed for a Viable Post-Patent Industry.” Patents will soon expire for several popular biotech crops, opening the way for cheaper generic versions. But because, unlike prescription drugs, biotech crops have to be re-approved every few years, the future of generic biotech crops is very much in doubt. Conko recommends getting rid of re-approval requirements to put them on the same footing as other products.