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Budgets are a discipline we force upon politicians who have trouble controlling themselves. Left to themselves, politicians will promise you the moon without telling you about the new moon tax they have to impose to pay for it. On Earth, the discipline of a budget means spending causes taxes or cuts to other programs. Gravity doesn’t apply to federal politicians but the rest of us must follow the rules... Click here to keep reading

Court denies State's Motion to Dismiss Medicaid Lawsuit

Medicaid Lawsuit Update

Federal District Court Judge Stephen McAuliffe has denied the State of New Hampshire’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by ten Granite State hospitals seeking to reverse years of cuts to the state’s Medicaid program. Click here to keep reading
Budgets and Politicians

Charlie Arlinghaus discusses how to think about budgets, and how politicians talk about them, in this installment of the Josiah Bartlett Report on NH Today with Jack Heath. Click here to listen.
Statewide Unemployment Rate Jumps to 5.7%

According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statics, New Hampshire’s unemployment rate increased from 5.4% to 5.7% for the month of August. However, the data not commonly discussed in media reports often tells more about the true nature of the jobs market than the unemployment rate alone does. Click here to keep reading.