Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #13

Manchester, NH - Yesterday’s tax of the day focused on Senator Hassan’s support for massive increases in health care facility fees.  And the hits keep coming as another health care related fee, this time on discount medical plans, is “Maggie’s Tax of the Day” for September 28, 2012.
For a low monthly fee, discount medical plans offer consumers access to discounts on the out-of-pocket cost associated with many health care services, from a doctor’s visit to a dental cleaning.  While not full insurance, these plans do provide another option for those unable to afford coverage in the current market.
Not content to let the free market work, however, Senator Hassan was quick to support legislation to regulate and tax these organizations in 2008.  Through a 10-page bill, the legislature imposed a $300 initial registration fee on all discount medical plans as well as a $150 annual renewal fee, with the goal being to “promote the public interest.”
If Senator Hassan believes it is in the public interest to drive up the cost of health care in New Hampshire through over-regulation and taxation, which she clearly does based on her words and her actions, then this piece of legislation that she supported was a success.
Background:  As a State Senator:
Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED creating a new fee on discount medical plans. (OTP on HB858, 4/24/08)