Friday, September 28, 2012

Los Angeles, CA - HOLLYWOOD actors Matt Damon and John Krasinski are watching their Oscar hopes disintegrate after a series of scandals and bad publicity has hit Promised Land - an anti-fracking movie they co-wrote and star in.

Promised Land is a drama produced by Focus Features, that annouced it to be their Oscar hopeful for 2012.

However, Damon's movie has been rocked with bad publicity and credibility issues that may taint the movie before it is released.

It has emerged that Promised Land which attacks the US oil and gas industry is being funded by an Arab government that stands to lose trillions if fracking is allowed to proceed unhindered accross the US. Fracking is a relatively new way of getting natural gas out of the ground. It has been so successful in the US that it has led to a collapse in gas prices particularly harming the revenues of the United Arab Emirates government which is funding Promised Land.

Damon's movie has also had to be rewritten during production because a series of court cases found that environmentalists attacking fracking were involved in fraud. Damon wove in a ludicrous twist to the script that had the fraudulent environmenatalists secretly working for the gas company to smear the environmental movement.

INTERVIEW AVAILABILITY: Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer who broke the story that Damon was making an anti-fracking movie and was forced to change the script is available for interview to discusss Hollywood's anti-business, anti-american and anti-fossil fuel postions in their movies and whether this why the box office number are plummeting.