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Dear Friends,

I hope all of you are having an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend with your loved ones. As children head back to school and we transition from summer to fall, it's also that time of year when political ads hit the airwaves. With 65 days to go, Election Day is coming up fast. 


Recently, our campaign began airing our first TV ad of the campaign. Unlike the false and misleading ads being produced by Democrat party leaders in Washington supporting Ann Kuster's campaign, our ad is truthful, factual, and straight to the point.


Click here to view our ad. 


We have two paths to choose from for the direction of America. Ann Kuster wants to take us down the path of more stimulus and more taxes. She supports a state income tax and more fiscally irresponsible policies that have led us to over 42 months of unemployment over 8% and the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Charlie believes in a path that is focused on allowing job creators to thrive and prosper by getting government out of the way and ending the gridlock that plagues Washington.


Which path do you want to be on?


With your support, you can help us keep our ads on the air educating New Hampshire about Kuster's reckless policies of more taxes, mores spending and less compromise. 


Please consider a contribution of $5, $10, $25 or $50 to help with this cause. Contribute $50 or more today and you will receive your very own Bass for Congress T-Shirt. Put T-SHIRT in the comments section of your contribution to make sure you get yours! 




Brad Blais

Campaign Manager

Bass for Congress