Libertarians submit petitions to Secretary of State Tuesday morning

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has completed its petition drive to place all their candidates on the November ballot.

The LPNH executive board and several candidates will be delivering the nearly 15,000 certified petitions to the Secretary of State on Tuesday morning at 9:00am.

The party will be gathering at the LPNH campaign office at 88 North Main Street at 8:30am to gather up and count any last-minute returns from late-replying towns.

Party officers and several candidates will be available for interviews

- John Babairz for Governor
- Brendan Kelly for Congress (dist 1)
- Hardy Macia for Congress (dist 2)
- Richard Kahn for state senate (dist 14)
- Richard Tomasso for state senate (dist 16)
The Gary Johnson for President campaign will also be represented.

If you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 interview with a particular officer or candidate, please contact them directly or send an email to with your request.