Bass For Congress - Does Annie Kuster Agree with Nancy Pelosi: Is Our Country "Better Off" Under President Obama?

Concord, NH - In a recent interview, Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated that "our country is better off" after four years of President Obama's presidency.  The argument that the President's policies have made the country better off has some asserting it is a "losing logic."

"It is a simple question.  Does Annie Kuster agree with Washington party leaders like Nancy Pelosi that our nation is better off after 4 years of President Obama's policies?" asked Bass spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne.  "Does she believe that 42 straight months of unemployment over 8 percent and having the worst economic recovery in the history of our country a sign that the President's policies that she supports are working?  Are we better off after more than $5 trillion has been added to our national debt since the President took office?"

"Annie Kuster has consistently supported the President's policies and still advocates for his health care law to go further, that we need more government spending and so-called stimulus packages, and that we need to raise taxes on small businesses, in addition to her past advocacy on behalf of a New Hampshire state income tax," continued Tranchemontagne. "Annie Kuster must let New Hampshire voters know if she thinks President Obama's policies, that she supports, have made our country "better off" over the past 4 years, and if her desire for even more of the same is the direction we should be heading."

Background On Annie Kuster's Policies:

Wanting to expand the federal government's takeover of healthcare

          - August 20, 2010, WMUR Questions with the Candidate

Pushing for more failed stimulus spending

          - NH Journal – September 8, 2011

Supporting higher taxes on Small Businesses:

          - Concord Monitor, July 30, 2012

Kuster/Obama plan would raise taxes on nearly 1 million small businesses throughout our nation.

New Hampshire small businesses comprise of over 96 percent of all employers and employ 51 percent of the private sector workforce.

Advocating for an income tax for New Hampshire

AP, May 22, 1999

On May 22, 1999, the Associated Press reported, ― A new political action committee that favors a state income tax raised $35,000 at its first fundraiser.

-          The Courage and Leadership PAC hopes to spend at least $100,000 in the next election helping candidates of either party who support an income tax.

-          Founders of the PAC include Stonyfield Yogurt President Gary Hirshberg and former Republicans Susan and Malcolm McLane. Members of the PAC believe an income tax is the fairest way to pay for education.

-          In 1999, Annie McLane Kuster served on the board of The Courage and Leadership PAC.