Conservative Senate PAC - Hawkins Slanders in order to distract voters

Ken Hawkins issued a press release making several slanderous remarks about myself, and a PAC I had set up (the Conservative Senate PAC), as well as other people and organizations. I always thought we were innocent until proven guilty in America, but evidently Ken Hawkins is the Judge, Jury and Prosecutor, all combined.  The Conservative Senate PAC was filed online last week, prior to any expenditures, according to state law.  The Secretary of State has received the wet signature copy today.  In another case Ken Hawkins misstated the law saying another PAC was illegal since it had not filed to do independent expenditures, yet State law allows for 14 days to change the purpose of a PAC. 

My feel is that Ken Hawkins is scrambling to find dirt on his opponent, Andy Sanborn, and his supporters, in order to distract voters from his own liberal voting record.  When Sen Sanborn asked for my endorsement early on, despite Andy’s incredibly strong conservative voting record, I made sure to look up his opponent’s record just in the unlikely chance he was more conservative.  I make endorsements based on principles, not loyalty.  I was appalled by some of the votes Ken Hawkins had made on spending, taxes, guns, and school choice.  He voted to increase the insurance premium tax, and voted against Benson’s conservative budget.  He also voted against Constitutional Carry, the formation of Charter Schools, and teacher tenure reform. My choice to support Sen Sanborn was the obvious one. There are similar distinctions in other primary races as well, so I decided, to get involved by forming the Conservative Senate PAC. 

It’s ironic that Ken Hawkins has put out false and slanderous campaign mailers against his opponent, then complains and files a lawsuit when a Conservative Senator independently mails the voters explaining objectively how bad Rep Hawkins voting record is. I wish he would stick to the issues like Sen Sanborn has done. 

Jim Forsythe
Chair, Conservative Senate PAC


About the Conservative Senate PAC

The Conservative Senate PAC was formed by Sen Jim Forsythe to support Conservative State Senate Candidates in New Hampshire.