NH DHHS Recognizes National Preparedness Month and Urges NH Residents to Get Prepared

Concord, NH – The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is

recognizing September as National and New Hampshire Preparedness Month.

Emergencies can happen anywhere and can come in many forms, such as

hurricanes, snow storms, flooding, fires, and heat waves. You don’t always

know when a disaster will strike, but preparing can help your family

recover if one does. This year’s theme is “Pledge to Prepare: Awareness to


“I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for an emergency,” Dr.

José Montero, Director of Public Health at DHHS. “Every year in New

Hampshire we see unusual weather and other emergencies. Plus personal

tragedies unfortunately happen as well, such as fires. Preparing in advance

is extremely important in order to reduce the impact that these emergencies

have on you and your family.”

This September, DHHS is recognizing National Preparedness Month by urging

New Hampshire residents to prepare for emergencies of all types that may

cause you to:

Have to stay in your home for three days without access to

electricity, water, stores, and other local services

Have to leave your home quickly

Have to connect with your friends and family when communications

systems are down or overloaded

“There are simple things we call can do to start to prepare,” said Rick

Cricenti, Director of the Emergency Services Unit at DHHS, “and many of

them do not cost very much. Some examples are to create a family emergency

plan, storing water in case the power goes out, and keeping a blanket and a

flashlight in your car. There are many things we can do to prepare, but the

most important thing is to start.”

For more information on how to prepare for an emergency, visit ReadyNH, New

Hampshire’s emergency preparedness website at www.nh.gov/readynh  and the

Federal Emergency Management Agency’s preparedness website www.ready.gov .