RLCNH Exposes Six Big Government Incumbents in Key GOP Districts

Caucus Highlights six incumbents’ Errant Votes to Inform Primary Voters About Opponents Within Party

CONCORD, N.H.―To help primary voters elect Republicans who will truly fight for liberty and prosperity in New Hampshire, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire is reporting the voting records of six incumbents whom Republicans should reject on Sept. 11 because of their record in the Legislature.

In order to inform voters about these six big-government incumbents, the RLCNH Political Action Committee has launched an aggressive online and grassroots campaign that exposes their reckless disregard for the traditional GOP principles of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise. For each of the candidates, the RLCNH PAC has created a Web site that lists key votes illustrating each candidate’s departure from Republican Party values as well as scorecard scores from seven well-regarded conservative organizations in New Hampshire, including the RLCNH.

“Part of our mission as an organization is to encourage the election of Republican candidates who will cherish the great traditions of liberty that our founders gave us so that our state and its citizens can continue to prosper and seek the good life,” said Carolyn McKinney, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire. “Inherent in that mission is this effort to prevent people from winning as Republicans when their intention is to actively work against the ideals of liberty that the party represents.”

In four of the six districts where a targeted incumbent is in a primary, the RLCNH has endorsed or recommended challengers whom it believes will uphold traditional party values. In two of the districts, the RLCNH has identified candidates whom are more committed to these values than the person targeted. In either case, the RLCNH is working to prevent the reelection of the targeted candidates and encourage the election of its endorsed and recommended candidates, whom were identified as a group in the RLCNH Primary Voter Guide released earlier this week. The six targeted incumbents and the RLCNH alternatives are:

  • Julie Brown in Strafford 23 (Rochester Wards 2 & 3), where she faces RLCNH-endorsed Cliff Newton in a race for one seat. Brown scored a 30 percent and Newton an 86 percent on the RLCNH scorecard. (Learn more about Brown.)
  • Peter Bolster in Belknap 8 (Alton, Barnstead & Gilmanton), where he faces RLCNH-endorsed Jane Cormier for one seat. Bolster scored a 44 percent on the RLCNH scorecard and Cormier scored a 94 percent on the RLCNH survey. (Learn more about Bolster.)
  • Tim Copeland in Rockingham 19 (Stratham), where he faces two better-voting Republicans for two seats. Copeland scored a 44.35 percent on the RLCNH scorecard, while his opponents, Patrick Abrami and Joanne Ward, scored a 74 percent and 66.96 percent respectively. (Learn more about Copeland.)
  • Susan Emerson in Cheshire 11 (Rindge & Fitzwilliam), where she faces at least one-better scoring Republican and two unknowns for two seats. Emerson scored a 54 percent on the RLCNH scorecard, while one opponent, John Hunt, scored a 73 percent. (Learn more about Emerson.)
  • Priscilla Lockwood in Merrimack 9 (Canterbury & Loudon), where she faces RLCNH-endorsed Kenneth Kreis and RLCNH-Recommended Lee Shaikh in a race for two seats. Lockwood scored a 30 percent and Kreis an 88 percent on the RLCNH scorecard. Shaikh scored an 88 percent on the RLCNH survey. (Learn more about Lockwood.)
  • Bill Remick in Coos 7 (Carroll, Dalton, Dummer, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Milan, Northumberland, Randolph, Stark & Whitefield), where he faces RLCNH-Recommended Leon H. Rideout in a contest for one seat. Remick scored a 37 percent on the RLCNH scorecard and Rideout scored an 84 percent on the RLCNH survey. (Learn more about Remick.)

“What makes these targets and some of the other big-government Republicans who aren’t facing a primary challenge so dangerous is their claim that their far-left views and big spending ideology is what Republicans are all about, and they couldn’t be further from the truth,” McKinney said. “The RLCNH is glad to work to protect the GOP brand from statists masquerading as Republicans. By exposing these candidates for whom they really are, we hope to thwart their efforts and ensure a strong, vibrant Republican Party that truly represents the best interests of the people to be prosperous and free.”


About The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, a state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus, was launched in December 2004 to promote the ideals of limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and adherence to the N.H. and U.S. Constitutions among Republican Party officials and throughout the state by identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with the organization’s ideals, and by supporting, through public education and outreach, initiatives in the N.H. Legislature that further these ideals. For more information about the RLCNH, please visit www.rlcnh.org.