Shea-Porter For Congress - Congressman Guinta resorts to trickery again

New Hampshire - Congressman Frank Guinta, upset that he could not fool the senior citizens at Riverwoods in Exeter yesterday, chose to resort to his usual tactics—trying to deceive voters. We are amused that Congressman Guinta credited Carol Shea-Porter rather than the Republican at The American Enterprise Institute who actually wrote the words, "Let's Just Say It: The Republicans are the problem," since so many have read the article and will recognize this is one more deception, like the deceptive robo-calls he placed pretending he was not in Congress.

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Candidate Carol Shea-Porter released the following statement: “Congressman Guinta's bigger problem is that seniors will not forget that he refused to answer the question, ‘Should the retirement age be raised to 67?’ Congressman Guinta was asked 3 times to answer yes or no, but chickened out in front of his constituents. No wonder Congressman Guinta is hiding and refuses to debate—the truth would come out everywhere.”