ALG's Daily Grind - Will America fire Obama?

Sept. 6, 2012

Will America fire Obama?

$16 trillion in debt, 47 million on food stamps, consumer confidence sinking, and the longest period of high sustained unemployment since the Great Depression. Is that enough for swing voters to make a change?

Michael Douglas Likely To Play Ronald Reagan In New Film "Reyjavik"

Michael Douglas is older and grayer now. Perhaps that's why he will likely play former President Ronald Reagan.

N.J. Delegates Defend Gov. Christie's Veto of Obamacare Exchange System

Delegate: "We don't need to put unelected bureaucrats in charge of our health care, and we don't need more government dependency."

The Lesson of Black Conservatives

Parties must tailor and temper their message depending on the audience, but they must never surrender their core convictions to the dictates of Washington groupthink.