Democratic Party Activist Gary Patton and Former State Rep. Jim Splaine join Maggie’s Rockingham County Steering Committee

MANCHESTER – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan announced that veteran Democratic Party Activist Gary Patton and former State Representative Jim Splaine have  joined her 90 plus member Rockingham County Steering Committee.

“The dangerous combination of a Republican governor combined with a Republican legislature promises to pass into law a flood of regressive bills. Democrats absolutely must hold the governorship,” said Patton. “I urge Democrats and like-minded Independents to vote for Maggie Hassan for Governor in the Primary Election on September 11,” said Patton.

“I am voting for Maggie Hassan because she is a proven leader who has a record of standing up for working families and for equality for all of our citizens. Pure and simple, we wouldn't have gay marriage to defend today without Maggie's unique blend of consensus-making, passion, and leadership,” said Splaine.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support in Rockingham County,” said Hassan.  “Gary Patton and Jim Splaine are respected and important voices in the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and I am grateful to have earned their support,” said Hassan.


Maggie Hassan for Governor Rockingham Steering Committee

State Representative Robin Read of Portsmouth, Co-Chair

Former State Representative Kim Casey of East Kingston, Co-Chair

Londonderry Democratic Chair Tammy Siekmann, Co-Chair

Kingston Democratic Town Chair Carol Croteau, Co-Chair

Derry Democratic Chair Betsy Burtis, Co-Chair

Former Hampstead Democratic Chair Andrew Weir, Co-Chair


Public Supporters in Rockingham County

Maggie Ball, Democratic Party Leader, Kensington

Bob Bruce, Democratic Party Leader, Candia

Barbara Carpenter, Democratic Party Leader, Kensington

Dan Chartrand, Selectman, Exeter

Jay Childs, Small Business Owner, Portsmouth

Peter Coffin, Democratic Town Vice Chair and Environmental Activist, Kingston

Eleanore Coffin, Kingston

Anthony Conti, Independent Voter, Newmarket

David Currie, Small Business Owner, Kingston

Kathleen Curwen, Educator, Exeter

Christopher Curwen, Educator, Exeter

Lucy Cushman, Stratham

Kathleen DiFruscia, Selectman, Windham

Hon. Tony DiFruscia, Former Republican State Representative, Windham

Ann Dillon, Brentwood

Charlotte Dilorenzo, Newmarket

Sukey Farmer, East Kingston

Harley Featherston, Democratic Party Activist, Salem

Jef Fellows, Rye

Ellen Fleming, Democratic Party Activist, Exeter

Kevin Fleming, Educator, Labor Activist, and Democratic Party Leader, Exeter

Greg Fontaine, Rye

Mary Fontaine, Rye

Jan Gallagher, Small Business Owner, Exeter

Kay Galloway, Democratic Town Co-Chair, Atkinson

George Geuras, Exeter

Mary Geuras, Exeter

Curt Givan, Brentwood

Alice Givan, Brentwood

Gaby Grossman, Democratic Party Activist, Exeter

Jack Herney, Kensington

Hon. Bev Hollingworth, Former Senate President, Hampton

Anastasia Holt, Kingston

Caitlin Holt, Kingston

Janet Hunt, Non-Profit Leader, Chester

Linda Jones, Exeter

Don Jorgensen, Democratic Party Leader, Londonderry

Pam Jorgensen, Former Town Chair, Londonderry

Joe Keefe, Fmr. New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, New Castle

Tom Kline, Democratic Party Leader, Exeter

Denise Landis, Democratic Party Leader, Exeter

Wendy Larson, Democratic Party Leader, Kensington

Nuala Leong, Democratic Party Leader, Seabrook

Elizabeth Lourie, Democratic Party Leader, Exeter

Rep. Patty Lovejoy, State Representative, Stratham

Hon. Melissa Lyons, Former State Representative, Kingston

James MacBride, Rye

Barbara March, Exeter

Liz McConnell, Non-Profit Leader, Exeter

Chris Melcher, Democratic Party Leader, Londonderry

Kate Miller, School Board Member, Exeter

Chris Moutis, Business Leader, Republican, Exeter

Melanie Muns, Democratic Party Leader, Hampton

Sharon Nichols, Democratic Party Leader, Portsmouth

Gary Patton, Democratic Party Leader, Hampton
Lenore Patton, Democratic Party Leader, Hampton
Shirley Pitts, Small Business Owner, Exeter

Karen Prior, Democratic Party Activist, Exeter

Bob Prior, Democratic Town Chair, Exeter

Chaz Proulx, Democratic Party Leader, Raymond

Leigh Rohde, Newmarket

Hon. Trinka Russell, Former State Representative, Stratham

Hon. Joe Russell, Former State Representative, Stratham

Jean Sanders, Democratic Town Chair, Atkinson

Susan Scannell, Democratic Party Leader, Exeter

Rep. Donna Schlachman, State Representative, Exeter

Rick Schubart, Democratic Party Activist, North Hampton

Fred Seigel, North Hampton

Donna Seigel, North Hampton

Bob Shaines, Rye

Paula Singer, Democratic Party Activist, Kensington

Peggy Small-Porter, Children’s Advocacy Leader, Stratham

Jeff Smith, Business Leader, Newington

Hon. Jim Splaine, former State Senator and former State Representative, Portsmouth
Linda Steir, Disability Rights Activist, Hampstead

Jeanne Stern, Educator, New Castle

Dixie Tarbell, Portsmouth

Jim Thiesen, Stratham

Pat Thiesen, Stratham

Charlie Tucker, Exeter

Silvia von Sacken, Health Care Professional and Independent Voter, Sandown

William Waters, First Responder and Democratic Party Activist, Kingston

Hon. Jim Webber, Former State Representative, Kensington

David Weber, Educator, Exeter

Carolyn Weir, Democratic Party Leader, Hampstead

Sarah Weston, Democratic Town Vice Chair, Danville

Larry Weston, Democratic Party Leader, Danville

Judy Wilson, Small Business Owner, Hampton Falls

Danette Wineberg, Business Leader, Exeter

Steve Wineberg, Exeter

Ted Wingate, Exeter