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The New Hampshire Retirement System’s 0.7% investment return for fiscal year 2012 was jumped on by some as a sign the system had failed because it had not met the assumed rate of return of 7.75%. As pointed out in an earlier piece, for FY12, the System’s returns were about par for the course in comparison to other state pension systems.

Taking a wider historical view, this is true both in comparison to the stock market as a whole and in comparison to other pension systems... Click here to keep reading

Primary Day

Gardner Predicts 168,000 voters

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner is projecting 168,000 voters to cast ballots in next week’s Direct Primary elections. Gardner expects 102,000 Republicans and 66,000 Democrats to vote, in person or by absentee ballot to determine who will be on the November General Election ballot. Click here to keep reading.
JBC Report

Projecting Voter Turnout

Grant Bosse examines voter turnout in NH Primaries, and reports on Libertarian Gary Johnson winning ballot access in the Granite State in November. Click here to keep reading.

Municipal Bond Bank Downgrade Update

Continuing Coverage

The financial adviser to the New Hampshire Municipal Bond Bank doesn’t think last week’s downgrade will make it more expensive for cities and towns to borrow money. Click here to keep reading.