New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition PAC and State Leaders endorses Jackie

 The state's LGBT advocacy group and the organization responsible for the passage of our marriage equality law back’s Jackie Cilley in her race for governor

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition PAC and leaders in the LGBT community from around the state announced today that they are backing Jackie Cilley's candidacy for governor. NHFTM, the state's LGBT advocacy group was key player in the successful effort to recognize the right of people to marry who they love regardless of gender.

Jackie Cilley is a strong, outspoken advocate for the GLBT community and is a leader in advocating for equality on the Senate floor and in her personal life.  Her passion for social justice and standing up for the little guy makes us proud to be Granite Staters. Brian Rater.

"From my first run for elective office in 2004, I've been clear that the government has no right to tell people who they can and cannot love and marry and that all our families deserve to be supported and accepted," Cilley said, thanking NHFTM for their support. "We have too many challenges as a state to divide our citizens based on old prejudices."

Along with the endorsement of NHFTM PAC is the endorsement of prominent leaders of New Hampshire’s LGBT community including;

“I have worked with a lot of elected officials over the years, and there is nobody I trust more to fight against extreme ideology and protect our families.

Hon. Mo Baxley Executive Director of New Hampshire Freedom to Marry

“Jackie is a proven LGBT supporter and defender dedicated to creating true equality across the board.” Logan Barbosa, Chair of NH Stonewall Democrats

“Jackie is compassionate about the rights of NH’s residents including the Gay, Lesbian,  Bi-Sexual and Transgender people in our state.  I’m positive that she will continue (as Governor) to work with us to make sure that all Transgender people are protected under NH state laws in the future.”   Gerri Cannon, PFLAG NH, Transgender Representative

“Jackie Cilley is a smart, honest, straight-talking, hard-working woman.  When I was in the NH Legislature working to pass Civil Unions and then Marriage, I knew I could count on Jackie to support our efforts to achieve these next pieces of equality.  And, when the Transgender Nondiscrimination bill that I sponsored got to the Senate, Jackie spoke on the Senate floor in favor of the bill when many others backed away because some thought that too much was being done too quickly for LGBT civil rights.  Jackie will continue to support our efforts to achieve and maintain full equality. And she will be a damn good Governor! “- Hon. Ed Butler, Hart’s Location

“As a member of the NH House of Representatives during the hearings and ultimate passage of Civil Marriage legislation, I know how hard Senator Jackie Cilley worked for this cause.  She believes in civil rights and thus helped pave the way for me and my husband to marry each other.”  -Hon. Robert B. Thompson with husband Michael Jacobsen, Manchester, NH

“Jackie was with us before LGBT rights were a popular issue.  I know my rights are a priority with Jackie and will be safe with Jackie in the Corner Office.”  - Hon. Gail Morrison, Sanbornton, NH

Since 2001, New Hampshire Freedom to Marry has been the state's LGBT education and advocacy organization, most notably leading the historic legislation allowing committed lesbian and gay couples in the state the freedom the marry.

ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Cilley is proud to have earned the support of 17,000 union households across New Hampshire for her campaign for governor. Jackie, who served in both New Hampshire's House and Senate representing Barrington, built a successful business and taught more than 2500 New Hampshire students over her 20 years as a highly respected business professor with UNH's Whittemore School for Business and Economics. A Berlin native, Sen. Cilley earned a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from the Whittemore School.  Jackie and her husband Bruce have lived in Barrington for more than 20 years.  They have five sons, 12 grandchildren, and two dogs.